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Lydia Képinski made a sensational entry into the world of song four years ago with her album June first. Its intensity and uniqueness are still intact in Sincea kind of literary trance album that comes out on Friday.

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Josee Lapointe

Josee Lapointe
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June firstwhich is his birthday, was a youth album in the form of an existential quest. Since is more of an emancipation story about what’s happened… since then, when she knows a lot more about who she is and where she’s going.

“Since I know, I am,” sings the singer-songwriter in the epic theme song, which opens the album. “There is no question mark. That’s it, ”explains the singer, who arrived on this chilly Thursday morning on her bike, black dress and smoky eyes.

Lydia Képinski loves acting and staging, playing star glam on the gray sidewalks of Outremont. Yes June first was a calling card, she admits she didn’t know what she was getting into.

I create a cultural product, but I didn’t realize I was going to become one.

Lydia Kepinski

She learned to swim through the “strangeness” linked to her new status and to exist in the eyes of others, with all that implies in terms of expectations and prejudices.

SinceJune first : it all works in one sentence and that’s the concept. It’s super autobiographical. This is what happened, it speaks of reality. The album is a journey in 11 chapters which goes from the exaltation of the show to a monumental day after at Charles-de-Gaulle airport, via an initiatory stay in Poland, homeland of his paternal ancestors.

“All the episodes happened, and it’s even almost in the same order! It’s original in the way it’s told, but not so much in the fiction. I’m not that creative…”


Lydia Kepinski


To write, Lydia Képinski needs to live. And to understand and bring order to what she has experienced, she needs to write it down and put it in rhyme, “otherwise it’s a tangled draft”. Because as much as she likes to take care of her writing, she likes to get to the bottom of things.

“Basically, yes… Hubert Aquin! I don’t believe in that, spending a week in a chalet to write an album. I have texts that took me a year and a half to write. »

The pandemic allowed her to be 100% focused on the creation of the album, to seek, to reflect, to refine each word and each sound, taking refuge in her studio, her “only escape”.

It was like a cloister experience, I felt like an Ursuline. I read Marie de l’Incarnation too and I said to myself, it’s still crazy, all that can happen in a mind and a heart.

Lydia Kepinski

Lydia Képinski is one of the rare artists to quote a mythical Quebec writer who committed suicide and a Christian missionary who built New France in less than five minutes, and with as much naturalness. In his very literary texts, there are numerous references to mythology and religion.

“It may be my background in cinema, but I like to see the images, to choose the colors. I have the cultural references that I have, I like to build bridges. »

All wrapped up in an epic atmosphere made up of dramatic rises – “I really have a Dalida side, and I take it completely” –, breaks in tone, twists and turns punctuated by appeasements, more spoken moments and explosions .

“I’ve listened to a lot of classical music in my life. This is perhaps the Rachmaninoff, Hollywood side. And Blaise [Borboën-Léonard], my director, he trained as a violist at the Conservatoire. It is part of our common references. »

But the two friends also like rhythm and trance, and there is surprisingly a big touch of disco in this album “not too introspective and fun”, less carried by the guitar and more based on electronic sounds.

“I missed dancing with my friends during confinement. So I was making beats during the day, and at night, I was putting them in my sound system, I bought myself a light kit, and I was dancing. I recreated a club in my basement. »

Cultivate your uniqueness

In four years, Lydia Képinski has learned a lot about this milieu, of which she recounts behind the scenes: the danger of “thinking of oneself as superhuman”, the narcissism that lies in wait, imposture – this is moreover the title of a of his songs – that all this can represent.

“I see people around me turn bad… There are like 13 people with whom I worked directly or indirectly who were denounced a year ago. It’s a very strange environment, there really is a dark side. »

It’s “everything and its opposite”, notes the one who won the Francouvertes in 2017 and who is this year’s spokesperson. What does she want to say to all these young people starting out?

“Not to listen too much to advice! All the ones I was given when I was doing competitions, some turned out to be super relevant, others, impertinent. But I’m just able to discern it today. »


Lydia Kepinski

It’s dangerous to try to please everyone. I don’t know how one can make custom art.

Lydia Kepinski

You have to cultivate your uniqueness, but above all, you have to excel at it, she believes. For example, as she does not have a “natural voice” as a singer, she continues to take lessons, and as she knows that her texts are one of her strengths, she takes care of her diction and pronounces her consonants.

Lydia Képinski also learns to better direct her irony and repartee – in Montreal hates me, a part of her is moreover “repentant” for her sometimes rough side. Learning to better dose your spontaneity without distorting yourself is another step towards maturity… Is it a little more? “I make efforts every day to stop being a big baby! »

In any case, she is back “more fit than ever” and “as close to joy” as possible.

“I spent two years making a beautiful drawing, and here we are going to show it. She can’t wait to get back to performing and hopes people “vibe” with her album.

“I don’t think anyone is going to feel betrayed. Everybody’s gonna be like, OK, that’s the evolution of the Pokemon. It’s the same thing, I just evolved. »


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Lydia Kepinski


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