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We can praise it, compliment it, praise it, but we should also apologize and for several reasons. Mike Bossy has done great things, setting records, leading his team to championships, up to four Stanley Cups, despite critics, “connoisseurs” who said he was too frail for the NHL.

Imagine, he had just had a phenomenal junior career of 532 points, including 309 goals, with the Laval National which was owned by wrestler Johnny Rougeau in the QMJHL. And like 11 other NHL teams in 1977 (twice the Rangers and the Maple Leafs), the Canadian looked up. We did not see his real talent as a hockey player, his desire to win.

Cheer ! On the contrary, they dishonored it, they sullied it. Mike was not 20 years old and he swallowed all this shit while continuing to stake and especially to score.

The Habs of Irving Grundman and Ronald Caron instead drafted a little guy from Toronto, Mark Napier, who was exactly the same weight as Bossy and who was two inches shorter.

Napier, a very nice guy who had a great career, but didn’t have half of Mike’s 1,126 NHL points.

As you can see, passing over little guys from here in Montreal, we’ve known that for a long time. The Mike Bossy case was three years before the case of Denis Savard, the one who accumulated 1338 points in the big circuit, but who, unfortunately, was too small.

Treacherous and savage blows

Among those who should apologize, there is also this package of players and instructors among the juniors who did everything to beat him up in order to prevent him from deploying his talent. Not with a shoulder. No, with fists, sticks and treacherous, illegal and savage charges.

He took it all in and when he got to Bill Torrey’s office at Uniondale, he told him he would score 50 goals a season and it would start right away. Even his agent, Pierre Lacroix, could not believe his ears and what was said was done. Mike Bossy, ladies and gentlemen. Against all odds.

One evening when I was working on the broadcast of the CH matches at TQS, who do I see in a corner of the heights of the Molson Center (at the time)? None other than Bossy, sitting with one of his friends like Monsieur Tout-le-Monde. He had come to see the Canadian play. I’m going to ask him a few questions on air during an offside. Mike, smirking, but with his usual honesty, tells us that he would like to give a hand to the Montreal club which is struggling with its numerical advantage. He never heard back. We should apologize.

The fragile

Always available, kind, funny and so humble.

Mike began to really stand out and be recognized when the super big club of the Canadiens of the 1970s began to crumble. The Lemaire, Savard, Dryden, Lambert, Larouche gradually disappeared as a formidable team was born on Long Island called the New York Islanders who won four Stanley Cups in a row led by Bryan Trottier, Denis Potvin, Clark Gillies and a too frail guy.

Sorry Mike!

From the enclave

  • Derrick Brassard, from Gatineau, moved to the Oilers. At 34, the center is on his 10th NHL team. He played for eight clubs for five years.
  • It was necessary to read the marvelous text of the colleague Francois-David Rouleau who played a 92 on the Augusta course the day after the Masters he was covering for Le Journal. A jewel still findable on our website.
  • It was a Sports Illustrated journalist who was the first to “baptize” Yvan Cournoyer “Road Runner”. Yvan blamed him: “Because of you, I will have to skate fast all my life. »
  • We loved him. Marquis Grissom celebrated its 55th birthday on Sunday. It was with the Expos that he became an outfielder. Before, he was a pitcher.
  • I praised the Coke Zero ad when they said you had to drink it to believe it. But the one with the dinosaur and the other one that’s shouting “Put it on!” could not.
  • By far, the Nashville Predators are the league’s most penalized team.
  • COVID-19 obliges, it’s only Sunday 1er may end the season in the QMJHL, just like in the NHL, for that matter.
  • The snowmobile death toll has doubled this year. We have to talk to each other. As with mountain biking, you have to understand that it’s an activity for relaxing in the forest and not for racing, stressing out or killing yourself.
  • Incredible. It’s been 17 years since we abolished the red line and ties in the NHL.
  • Salary of officials in the NHL? An experienced arbitrator can fetch up to $400,000 per year. About $100,000 less for an “old” linesman.
  • In the United States, there are 25 clubs in the NHL. There are seven in Canada where the national sport is…hockey. Find the error.

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