10 anecdotes to know about the animated film

Franchise Shrek is full of many secrets. If you thought you knew everything about this great DreamWorks classic, Serieously proves the opposite to you with these 10 anecdotes that you certainly don’t know about the green ogre and his cronies.

#1- The film could have been directed by Steven Spielberg

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Even before the Shrek that we know was born in the early 2000s, the project had been considered by Steven Spielberg on behalf of the production company Amblin Entertainment. As IMDb reports, Spielberg even intended to offer the title role of the ogre to Bill Murray. Finally, the project did not fall so far from the popular director, since 10 years later, it is DreamWorks (which he notably founded) which will put the project on its feet.

#2- Shrek has his own star on Hollywood Boulevard

Few animation heroes can boast of having the same honor. Yet the green ogre has its own star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame. It was also inaugurated in May 2010. Fun fact, it is the 2408th star that adorns the ground of this boulevard that could not be more famous.

#3- A favorite actor ofHarry Potter could have had a role in the franchise


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You read correctly. A favorite actor of the magic saga Harry Potter almost landed the role of Lord Farquaad, in the original language. According to IMDb, Alan Rickman aka Severus Snape, had been approached to play Farquaad. In all likelihood, the actor would rather have preferred to embark on the magical adventure at Hogwarts, giving way to John Lithgow.

#4- The meaning behind the name “Shrek”


© DreamWorks

If “Shrek” may seem like a series of letters without meaning, it is not. In all likelihood, “Shrek” comes from the German “Schreck” which means “fright”.

#5- The film crew had a very specific way of preparing for certain scenes…


© DreamWorks

When working in animation, you have to draw inspiration from real life to create certain movements. And if Shrek is a disgusting ogre who takes showers made of mud, rumor has it that the technical animation team behind the feature films has taken on this exercise for real to study the movement of mud on the body…

#6- This funny coincidence that the producers were unaware of with the nod to Justin Timberlake


© DreamWorks

In the second part of the adventures of the ogre, we can see that Princess Fiona, dubbed in the original version by Cameron Diaz, has above her bed a poster of Sir Justin with a drawing obviously representing Justin Timberlake. On the other hand, what the team did not know at the time of this nod to the popular singer, is that he had just started a romantic relationship with…Cameron Diaz. Perfectly!

#7- Antonio Banderas dubbed several versions of Puss in Boots


© DreamWorks

If in the original version Antonio Banderas lends his voice to Puss in Boots, he did not only do so in the English version. In an interview with the Lyon-based media Le Progrès, Antonio Banderas also confided in dubbing the South American, Spanish and Italian version. Just that.

#8- Initially, Shrek was a book…


© Square Fish

Here’s a story you might already know. The origin of this story is Shrek! a book written by William Steig in 1990. The book tells the story of an ogre who finds love with an ogress after leaving his family to travel the world. Does it remind you of anything?

#9- The team needed the help of real therapists for the Fiona/Shrek couple


© DreamWorks

After having known the great love in the first three films, Shrek 4: Once upon a time, Shrek and Fiona see their couple faltering when they are parents of triplets. But did you know that to best stick to the truth and to couples in crisis, the film crew approached a real marriage counselor? Karen Rowinsky says on her official website: “Last year, I had the fun experience of traveling to Los Angeles to consult with the producers and director of the fourth Shrek film. They needed a marriage consultant to address the issues Shrek and Fiona are having”.

#10- There is a festival dedicated to film


© Shrekfest Instagram Screenshot

You do not dream. If you are one of those hardcore fans of Shrek, it is useful to know that in this land there is a Shrekfest, a festival dedicated to the hero. Covid obliges, the last editions of this green-tinted festival were held online. On the program, hero-style grunt contests; a costume contest or a competition for onion eaters.

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