A woman mistakenly marries her fiancé’s twin

A small administrative incident meant that a Frenchwoman was legally married for six months to the man she considered to be her brother-in-law.

It was in October 2021 that this magnificent imbroglio worthy of a summer theater began.

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Thomas Gouritin and Stéphanie Laporte then married in just marriage.

In France, however, things do not work like in Quebec, and rather than managing all birth/marriage/divorce/death type events through a national body named Director of Civil Statusour cousins ​​do business with the town hall of the town where they were born.

This is how Stéphanie managed, successfully, to communicate her new marital alliance to the town hall of Bourges.

And this is also how Thomas failed to register his marriage correctly in the register of the town hall of the city of Avranches, in Manche.

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You see, Thomas has a twin brother, and it is in his file that the marriage with Stephanie was registered.

Noting the absence of mention of his marriage to Stéphanie when he recently ordered a copy of his birth certificate from the town hall of Avranches, Thomas telephoned the latter last Thursday to try to understand where could be past his marriage.

“I suggested that they look at the birth certificate of my twin brother, whose first name begins with an A,” he told West France.

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It is indeed there that the marriage with Stephanie had been registered.

This one, who runs a communications agency, told the anecdote on Twitter and her tweet went viral.

“My God! The civil status of the town hall of birth of my husband made a mistake in the papers and married me with his twin brother. I CHOKE, ”she said on the social network at the blue bird.

“Apparently they took the first Gouritin that appeared in their list. Result, I am well married with him, but it is his brother who is married with me”, she also declared to South West.

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Fortunately, this story does not end like on Pornhub, and Thomas and Stephanie have remained faithful to each other.

The “slight” administrative concern was quickly resolved by the town hall of Avranches, which corrected the error and provided the real groom with a new, amended birth certificate.

“Insofar as the paper register is good, there is nothing serious and no impact for the bride and groom,” explained the communications director of Avranches.

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