About the white women…

We learned yesterday that women aspiring to become police officers through the Department of Public Safety’s Diversity AEC program will have to rethink their plans.

These young women have, you see, the “bad luck” of being white.

The program has in fact just reviewed its criteria for next year: it will henceforth be reserved for Aboriginals and visible minorities.


This program, as explained The newspaper today, is for people who already have a diploma of college studies (DEC) and who do not want to have to redo a whole DEC in Police Technology.

Are we all rejoicing together in this great leap forward towards social justice?

Understand: we are not talking here about choosing, with equal skills, a candidate from a minority, but about formally excluding someone on the basis of their color.

The same is already happening in academia.

Fundamental principles – those of merit and fairness – are trampled on.

We will of course be told that it is a small program, but when fundamental principles are involved, the number does not count.

“It’s the energy and the hope that you put into it, to finally have the rug pulled out from under you,” said one of the excluded.

She adds: “I can’t even tell you how huge my disappointment was. […]. »

For fear of reprisals, she speaks on condition of anonymity (well, well), like so many people in academia.

I empathize immensely with these young women who will now better understand how others are feeling.

The only positive side of this sad affair is that the more these cases multiply, the more this malignant tumor of wokism will spread, the more it will be seen that it is deceptive to reduce it to the jeremiads of a “boys club” losing its old advantages.

We want, argue the authorities, a more “diversified” police force.

The goal is certainly laudable, but at least two questions should be asked.

First, if there is insufficient diversity, is it because of systemic discrimination in hiring or, perhaps, because this profession is not very popular with certain communities?

It is often mentioned, for example, the lack of “diversity” among university professors, while the long studies required to achieve this are discouraged in some circles.

Then, do we need measures as extreme as a formal exclusion based on skin color to achieve this diversity at full gallop?

Before making moralizing speeches of vindication, imagine if this was your daughter.

Who can seriously say that the police force in the metropolitan region – the only place in Quebec where diversity is a serious issue – is the same as it once was?


We are never surprised when we learn that such policies are supported by the ideologically fanatical Trudeau government.

The Legault government is getting into it too?

These policies sow resentment and bitterness that are totally counterproductive.

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