Annie Ernaux makes her cinema

We don’t really know what the future holds. But in this flood of fairly anxiety-provoking uncertainties, one thing is certain: the month of May will be placed under the sign of Annie Ernaux, definitely – and that’s good – very visible lately. During the election campaign, the writer indeed spoke on several occasions, in particular to support Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his Popular Union. After the defeat of the rebellious candidate in the first round, she declared that she would vote The death in the soul “ for Emmanuel Macron, on the second. “It’s heartbreaking”she declared to our colleagues from “L’Express”.

Next month, we will find Annie Ernaux in bookstores, with no less than two books. The first, entitled “The Young Man” (Gallimard, May 5), tells the love story that the writer maintained with a student thirty years younger than her. A slim volume of 48 pages which condenses all the minimalist, sociological and intimate art of the author of “Mémoire de fille” and which crystallizes her major themes. The second book is a Cahier de L’Herne (May 4) devoted to his work, a fascinating set that contains many unpublished works.

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Love, politics, cinema, being a woman… Meeting with Annie Ernaux in her house in Cergy

More unexpectedly, the novelist will also be present at Cannes, with “Les Années Super 8”. This intimate documentary made with his son David Ernaux-Briot, is indeed in the selection of the Directors’ Fortnight, which will take place from May 18 to 27. We have, for the moment, few details on this film, except that it is composed of family films, shot in Super 8, with an unpublished text by the writer. But its title is obviously close to one of Ernaux’s greatest books, “Les Années” (2008), a work on memory and time, which opens with this sentence: “All images will disappear. » Is the film a way to ward off this prediction? To save the images, the memories?

“The cinema made me dream”

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In any case, this selection at Cannes confirms the reciprocal attraction of the seventh art and the writer. In 2021, no less than three films revolved around his work: “I liked living there”, a beautiful documentary on Cergy by Régis Sauder, nourished by texts by Annie Ernaux; the very carnal adaptation of “Simple Passion” by Danielle Arbid; and especially “l’Evénement”, by Audrey Diwan, golden lion at the Venice Film Festival. Asked in November by our comrade Grégoire Leménager about his relationship with the cinema, here is what Annie Ernaux replied:

Laetitia Dosch: “It’s nice to see people making love”“I had a cousin whose mother was more lax, it was through her that I learned what was terrible in the cinema. “Le Diable au corps”, of course that appealed to me, with such a title! Yes, the cinema made me dream. And much later, it was the place where we could flirt. I always like to go there, it’s still a bit of a party. »

Will she go so far as to walk the Cannes red carpet to prolong the party?

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