Disney: 10 adorable hidden details in the movies

A look back at 10 cute or adorable little details that make Disney and Pixar animated classics even more endearing.

A stuffed animal in the shape of Stitch, a litter box for the Figaro cat, ice toys inspired by other Disney characters in Frozen 2… A look back at 10 little hidden details, references, winks or other easter eggs that make animated feature films from Disney and Pixar studios even more endearing.

Figaro’s Litter

Walt Disney Animation Studios

At the beginning of Pinocchio, when Gepetto and Figaro are going to bed, the most observant spectators will notice the presence of a small sandbox accompanied by a shovel, just next to the cat’s bed, surmounted by an angel at his effigy. No need to go very far if Figaro has to get up in the middle of the night!

Nick Wilde’s scarf

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Provided you open your eyes and the right one in the last part of Zootopia, you can see that the fox has kept the scout scarf he wore around his neck during his childhood, and which he now uses as a handkerchief. An object that most likely symbolized his desire to be integrated into society, and from which he could never separate.

Dumbo’s Inspiration

Walt Disney Animation Studios

According to the testimony of animator Bill Tytla who animated the little elephant in the 1940s, it was by observing his own son, a toddler at the time, that he was able to shape the youthful reactions and innocence of Dumbo. Enough to create a particularly realistic and authentic character, since inspired by a real child.


Walt Disney Animation Studios

Provided you scrutinize all the frames that adorn Aunt Cassie’s staircase, in The New Heroes, you can see that the latter had fun disguising her cat (which Baymax calls “hairy baby”) as the dressing up with a costume of Stitch, the famous alien from Disney studios. A getup that doesn’t really seem to suit the animal, judging by his annoyed look.

stitch plush

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Given that Treasure Planet is set in the farthest reaches of space, it makes sense that young Jim Hawkins’ stuffed animals depict aliens rather than animals from our world. Thus, on the shelf of his room, we can note the presence of another little Stitch, hero of the previous feature film from Disney studios.

Bob’s plush

Walt Disney Animation Studios

This little four-legged cyclops, who seems to be used as a security blanket for Bob Razowski and who we had already seen in Monsters & Co., makes his big comeback in the prequel Monsters University, when the green monster tenderly places his toy on the shelf of his college room. A small detail that proves Bob’s attachment to his beloved teddy, which he apparently never parted with.

Bou’s voice

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Take a look at the drawings of little Bou, which appear furtively on the side of her bed, in Monsters & Co.. We can indeed note that she signed them by writing the word “Mary”, which would therefore be her real first name. Quite logical given that the little girl who lent her voice is called Mary Gibbs, and that she herself made the drawings in question.

Dumbo plush

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Since little Lilo lives with the real Stitch, there’s no need to buy her a plush toy with the image of the little alien, unlike Jim Hawkins in Treasure Planet. So it’s a toy like Dumbo that can be seen in the little girl’s bedroom. As for her big sister Nani, she hung a poster of Mulan above her bed.

“I don’t know you, but I love you.”

Walt Disney Animation Studios

This adorable line spoken by the talking dog Doug when he meets Carl Fredricksen in Up doesn’t come out of nowhere. Indeed, according to the co-director of the film Bob Peterson, it is a sentence that a little boy had sent to him in the 80s, when he was an animator in a summer camp.

disney on ice

Walt Disney Animation Studios

At the very beginning of Frozen 2 (available on Disney+ since April 15), we can notice the presence – among the ice toys shaped by Elsa for her little sister – of several characters from other classics of the enchanted studio. Around the little girl are indeed figurines representing Dumbothe Baymax robot from New Heroes, and the dog Volt. Would the two princesses themselves be a fan of Disney?

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