“Everything for Quebec”, a new slogan from the Bloc Québécois

Gathered for the second and last day of its national caucus in Quebec on Wednesday, the Bloc Québécois led by Yves-François Blanchet set the table for the last two months of the parliamentary session under the formula “everything for Quebec”.

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“A nation has the right to affirm, to appropriate, and to exercise all the powers, all the attributes of sovereignty”, launched Mr. Blanchet in the morning before his deputies.

The latter welcomed the recognition by the elected members of Parliament that the Quebec nation is “well and truly a nation whose only common language and the only official language is French”.

“But because appetite comes with eating, now we want everything for Quebec,” he said.

Identity issues such as the defense of French and secularism will take up more space on the agenda of the party, which will want to be “resolutely nationalist” and “focused on the affirmation of Quebec identity”.

This will take place against a new rhetoric in the country “according to which official bilingualism or the doctrine of the two founding peoples is obsolete and is discriminatory and harmful to immigrant communities in Canada,” explained Mr. Blanchet.

The question of the weight of Quebec in the Commons will also be at the heart of the battles of the independence party.

The new electoral redistribution proposed by Elections Canada would cause Quebec to lose one seat, while allocating three new seats to Alberta and two to Ontario and British Columbia.

At the beginning of March, the Bloc passed a unanimous motion aimed at not only preventing Quebec from losing seats, but also preventing it from maintaining its relative weight in the House by demanding that the government take action.

The Liberals supported the motion and tabled a bill to this effect, which does not, however, include a provision preventing a decline in the relative weight of Quebec in the federation: in its current form, it prohibits any withdrawal of Quebec seats in the House .

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