Former Balarama Holness ally criticizes his stint in provincial politics

The appearance of Balarama Holness in view of the provincial elections is far from impressing his former municipal ally, lawyer Marc-Antoine Desjardins, who is very critical of the motivations behind the Mouvement Québec party.

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“Holness lives in a world of unicorns,” he told Richard Martineau on QUB Radio on Thursday.

“He’s a liar, he’s not a team player. I’m not saying it’s a this or a that, the basic impression is that it’s a guy who would sell his mother to get there, ”he added.

Marc-Antoine Desjardins has still not digested his collaboration with Balarama Holness during the municipal elections of 2021. Their two formations, Mouvement Montréal and Ralliement pour Montréal, had allied unsuccessfully in the race for mayor. The two men were torn on the language issue of the metropolis.

“We came out with our heads held high and we will come back very strong in 2025. That’s the goal. Rally for Montreal will present itself,” he assured.

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