Le Nouvelliste | Nu Look at the Olympia, Paris won for Arly Larivière!

Nu Look at the Olympia, Paris won for Arly Larivière!

Nu Look was in concert at L’Olympia in Paris, boulevard des Capucines, on Sunday April 17, 2022. An Arly Larivière in top form made an audience of all ages dance, from 9 a.m. to 11:35 p.m. from entertainer to singer, the maestro to a showman and his band, which is celebrating its 22nd birthday this year, made one of the oldest music halls in Paris tremble to the sound of the compass. The music of Nemours Jean-Baptiste was at its best, the King served his audience and graciously!

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The Olympia has been talked about since the 19th century. Since 1893 more exactly. The biggest names in world music have performed on the stage of this mythical venue. On April 17, it was Nu Look’s turn to see its name displayed in large red letters on the legendary facade.

After long weeks of waiting, concert postponed, D-Day had finally arrived. Nu Look in concert at the Olympia room in the 9th arrondissement, it was this April 17, nothing better to end its Easter Sunday in style. I’ve been waiting for this moment for too long. We were all expecting it. I didn’t want to lose a minute of this happiness. It’s not every day that we have such a poster in France.

6:30 pm, it’s the opening of the doors and some are already there. Just like me, they are in the front row of the room and are impatiently waiting to see Nu Look in their works. Compass lovers of all generations have responded to the appointment and it is a packed room that welcomes the musical formation after the performances of the Mauritian artist Wagram, the comedian Ebrila Amorila, and the young Haitian artist Mister Joshua. It is 9:00 pm when Nu Look begins its musical theme and the maestro makes his masterful entrance by crossing the hall of the Olympia in Paris. Sporting a black blazer with golden stripes, a white shirt underneath and black pants, the number 1 of Nu Look joins his band on stage by singing the title “Is it real”. He is greeted with thunderous applause and cries of joy. A welcome worthy of a King.

The audience sings, shouts, dances and savors each title they sing. Initially planned for a seated concert, the audience made up of Haitians, Guyanese, Martiniquais, Guadeloupeans and French, preferred to enjoy his show standing up and this throughout the duration of the show. In the second part of the concert, Nu look returns with “Why do you say love me”, but will quickly change register for bolero. He sings “Les Feuilles Mortes” and “Sérénade des Mélomanes” in homage to Daniel Larivière and Tropicana, two monuments of Haitian music. More than two hours of performance, the audience never tires of the showman who shook the mythical room, the tireless public is in its element.

The maestro closes the concert in style by performing Marina as a tribute to the Déjean Brothers of Pétion-ville with André Déjean at his side on the trumpet who plays his solo. Nu Look marked its passage at the Olympia in Paris with a concert that will remain in our memories. 25 years of professional career for the King and he has not lost his charisma, from CND Express (at Notre Dame College) to Kazak Feeling to Lakol in Cap-Haitien then from D’Zine via Zenglen to Nu Look, from “You and I” to “Cauchemar”, his music has conquered more than one generation. In the crowd as on the stage, the artist in symbiosis with his audience put on a show at the Olympia. King Arly Larivière won his bet and Paris.

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