Parti Québécois | Véronique Hivon will not seek a new mandate

(Québec) PQ MNA Véronique Hivon is leaving politics at the end of her current mandate. Elected continuously in the riding of Joliette since 2008, Hivon made the announcement on Thursday from the Château Joliette hotel.

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Hugo Pilon Larose

Hugo Pilon Larose
The Press

This is an important departure for the Parti Québécois, since the MP is considered a star of her political party. Last December, a Léger poll published in The Journal of Montreal placed Véronique Hivon at 14and rank in the category “Quebec political figure of the year”. Its leader, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, had not managed to carve out a place for himself.

“I make this choice at a time when my flame and my combativeness are still very present, but when they are accompanied by a need that has become irrepressible to find a space of freedom and a space of normality,” said Hivon on Thursday in a speech delivered to activists.

The MP explained that she needed to find a new balance between action and reflection, but also to take a step back from the parliamentary “bubble”, where the succession of events is sometimes frantic. “Somehow I need to exist outside of politics,” she said.

More than 10 years in politics

Critic for the second opposition group in the National Assembly for justice, end-of-life care, education and the family, Hivon has stood out over the past four years as a tough vis-à-vis against the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, but also against Mathieu Lacombe, who is leading a reform of the educational childcare system. in childhood.

The PQ justice critic was also very active in pushing the government to create a specialized court for sexual and domestic violence. In particular, she took part in the transpartisan committee which submitted to the government a robust report of 190 recommendations in December 2020 to “rebuild confidence” on the support of victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Quebec has since launched pilot projects in a series of judicial districts, following the adoption last November of Bill 92 creating this specialized court.

During the brief PQ government led by Premier Pauline Marois, between 2012 and 2014, Véronique Hivon served as Minister for Social Services and Youth Protection. In particular, she stood out among the public for her active participation in the debate on medical assistance in dying.

The 52-year-old lawyer by training is leaving politics while the PQ currently finishes last in terms of voting intentions in Quebec, with a meager 9%, according to the Léger poll published Thursday in the media of Quebecor. In a press briefing, Mme Hivon, however, asserted that his departure from political life was unrelated to these poor polls. “The polls have never scared me,” she said, adding that her choice had been known to her leader for several weeks, even before the party’s defeat in the by-election in the riding of Marie-Victorin. .

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