Public transport: a meeting behind closed doors between Marchand and Lehouillier

A few days after airing their differences about urban sprawl and the third link, the mayors of Quebec and Lévis met on Wednesday afternoon – without notifying the media – to discuss public transit.

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A joint press release from the offices of the two mayors was published early Wednesday evening to report on this meeting.

“Gilles and I share similar visions for the development of our cities and to facilitate travel by public transit for citizens. We want to continue the discussions to make our mobility effective, ”said the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand.

Equally enthusiastic, his counterpart Gilles Lehouillier maintains that “we are on the same wavelength Bruno and I, we both want to make our transport companies more efficient”.

Public transport: a meeting behind closed doors between Marchand and Lehouillier

According to the same press release, the subject of public transport, in particular on Boulevard Guillaume-Couture, as well as that of transit between the two shores were discussed.

“Very interesting and very relevant”

Asked about the fact that the media were not summoned on the sidelines of this meeting, the press officers of the respective mayors minimized this way of doing things. We were thus reminded that it would be possible to speak to the two mayors tomorrow, Thursday, during the meeting of the Communauté métropolitaine de Québec (CMQ).

Alexandre Boudreau-Forgues, Mayor Lehouillier’s press secretary, described Wednesday’s meeting as “very interesting and very relevant”. He added that “the two mayors have agreed to work together. We want to better serve public transit customers in terms of services and fare integration.

According to him, the issue of urban sprawl, on which the two mayors are diametrically opposed, was not mentioned during the head-to-head meeting on Wednesday.

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