Spring floods | Montreal prepares for flooding

Montreal is preparing for the flood of spring waters. The agglomeration goes into “alert” mode and says it is ready to deploy the necessary resources in the event of flooding.

Posted yesterday at 6:03 p.m.

Alice Girard-Bosse

Alice Girard-Bosse
The Press

An increase in the level of the various rivers in the Montreal region was noted on Wednesday. The minor flood threshold was reached on the Rivière des Prairies and at the Carillon generating station. However, a slight decrease in flows is expected for the next 72 hours.

“During flooding, the preparation of residents in areas at risk is essential. We want to inform the population of the possible impacts of spring floods, the preventive measures to be taken and the measures put in place in the event of possible flooding,” declared in a press release Mr. Alain Vaillancourt, member of the executive committee of the City of Montreal responsible for public security.

Several boroughs and related cities in the Montréal agglomeration, particularly those located along Lac des Deux Montagnes and Rivière des Prairies, are likely to experience flooding due to spring flooding.

To prepare for a disaster, the City recommends that citizens at risk complete a family safety plan that summarizes each person’s tasks in the event of a flood and indicates where to take refuge in the event of an evacuation. The guide for preparing the plan is available on its website.

The City also recommends that families prepare an emergency kit that will allow them to have the basic items needed for at least 72 hours. The kit guide is also available online.

The metropolis recalls that the “Montréal-Service to citizens” application allows you to receive notices and alerts on emergency situations and unforeseen events.

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