State of the pandemic | Public Health will provide an update at 1 p.m.

(Montreal) For the first time since returning from the Easter break, Quebec’s acting national director of public health, Dr Luc Boileau, will hold a press conference this Thursday to take stock of the evolution of the current situation of COVID-19 in Quebec.

Posted at 6:13 a.m.

During this meeting, which will begin at 1 p.m., he will be accompanied by the Assistant Deputy Minister of the General Directorate of Academic, Medical, Nursing and Pharmaceutical Affairs, DD Lucie Opatriny.

A few days before the Easter break, the Dr Boileau did not recommend new sanitary measures. In particular, he stayed the course for a removal of the mandatory wearing of masks in indoor places at the end of April, believing that people could estimate their own risk and considering that the current Omicron and BA2 variants were less virulent than their predecessors.

On Wednesday, Quebec reported 26 new deaths linked to COVID-19 as well as a further increase of 100 hospitalizations compared to the previous day, for a total of 2,381 hospitalizations, including 101 in intensive care units.

This increase in hospitalizations came as 10,833 healthcare workers are absent for reasons related to COVID-19, such as preventive withdrawal or a period of isolation.

Also, last week, the Dr Boileau said there is a new flu season, which risks placing additional strain on the health network. He then urged Quebecers with flu-like symptoms, even with a negative test result, to isolate themselves to avoid contaminating others.

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