The Boss of Mar-A-Lago and the future of the Republicans

Several Republican candidates are seeking the support of the ex-president for the November elections, but Trump has only one interest at heart: his own.

He lost the popular vote twice. He received two impeachment votes. His incompetence has resulted in hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths during the pandemic. He caused his party to lose the Senate. Despite an unfavorable opinion of Joe Biden, polls suggest he would lose a hypothetical presidential face-off.

Despite everything, Donald Trump dominates the Republican Party, the nomination for 2024 is practically assured to him and his Florida club has become the nerve center of the party, where the Republican candidates jostle to beg the support of the ” boss “.

Tammany Hall and the Daley Machine

American history buffs will have grasped the parallel with the New York democratic machine, Tammany Hall. Until the 1960s, legendary figures, like William “Boss” Tweed in the mid-19th century, were the party’s rain or shine. As a former resident of Chicago, I must also mention Mayor Daley’s (Sr.) machine, which brought to John F. Kennedy many voters who were said to be well over retirement age.

Whether one wishes to become a city councilor or president, the blessing of the ” boss was essential. We find a similar dynamic today with the procession of candidates who follow one another in the bridal suite of the Mar-A-Lago club, converted into the headquarters of the Republican Party.

One interest in mind

To date, Trump has officially endorsed 103 gubernatorial and congressional nominees, in addition to numerous candidates for strategic secondary positions, including in state and local governments that will manage the 2024 elections.

Some Republicans are reluctant to swear allegiance to Trump, fearing he will become a drag in the general election. Even if Trump distributes his financial endorsements sparingly, publicity related to his endorsements helps raise funds from the partisan base.

For Trump, this support serves three purposes. First, the visibility helps him raise funds for himself. Then, these courtiers feed the myth of massive fraud in the 2020 election by professing faith in the “Big Lie”. Finally, Trump also endorses candidates who will win with or without his help, to polish his image as a winner.

The MAGA cult continues

This procession of candidates who pay their respects to the ” boss confirms what we already knew: Lincoln’s former party has become a cult of Donald Trump’s personality.

The statements of Mitch McConnell, Republican leader in the Senate, confirm this. In November, the Republicans will have no legislative program. Their only ambition is to block everything. McConnell has meant that a Republican majority in the Senate would strip Joe Biden of his constitutional prerogative to nominate a Supreme Court justice if given the opportunity in 2023.

The specter of the events of January 6, 2021 and criminal prosecution still hangs over Donald Trump, but the boss de Mar-A-Lago still dreams of fighting against the Democrats in 2024 and no Republican can stop him.

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