The latest images of the Coyotes’ new (temporary) arena are ridiculous

The Arizona Coyotes are in the NHL since 1996, they have been at the heart of 1,001 stories pockets…and they’re on the cusp of possibly having their worst time ever at the level credibility.

And God knows there were times when their credibility wasn’t very high.

They will play next year at Arizona State University’s brand new arena, an arena that seats about 5,000 people. maximum…that’s 10,000 fewer seats than the smallest arena currently used by an NHL team.

They will have to spend three seasons in this small amphitheater, while waiting for the construction – we hope – of an arena in downtown Tempe. And they will visibly take second place in terms of dates in this small university arena…

Wondering how small it is, a 5,000 person arena? Remember that Place Bell (Laval Rocket) can accommodate 10,062 people and the Videotron Coliseum (Trois-Rivières Lions), 4,390. Would you see the Canadian play in Trois-Rivières for three years? That’s what I thought…

Are you the type to have trouble putting everything into perspective without concrete images? Well, here are the most recent images of the construction of the arena fromarizona state university, courtesy of the Sun Devilsarizona state universitynot Coyotes themselves.

There are what, ten rows? That’s it?

The Coyotes have the third smallest average crowd in the NHL this season, all while not having had to close their stands during the winter as was the case for many Canadian teams.

11,414 fans are attending Coyotes home games this year.

Last night they were officially 11,915 watching the Blackhawks game vs. Coyotes. In fact, they were probably a few thousand less than that.

They will be a maximum of 4,000 to 5,000 people during the next three campaigns. Imagine the images and the reputation what will happen if the seats are not all occupied…

There are arenas junior that will attract more people than that next season.

A 20,000-person arena that looks empty is one thing… but a 5,000-seat (NHL) arena that looks empty is (perhaps) another.

Note that the Coyotes of André Tourigny currently occupy the 32nd and last place in the general classification, just behind the Canadian. To say that they will have the “right” to fish out one of the most beautiful 18-year-old hopefuls in the world…

It’s bordering on the ridiculous, all that. #RewardMediocrity

And it’s expensive for other NHL teams in revenue sharing.

Meanwhile, in Quebec…

A lot of

– The return of Carey Price brings happiness to everyone.

– Happy holiday Vinny!

– I thought that was the case a year ago…

– Russia struggles to get adequate supplies of hockey equipment.

– Riley Kidney is having quite the season (without attracting too much attention).

– I like this.

– Finished on football international for Kei Kamara.

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