The world of music in mourning, it has just breathed its last!

Last month, the music world was in mourning. Pierre Papadiamandis, Eddy Mitchell’s lifelong composer, has died at the age of 85.

Pierre Papadiamandis was born in 1937 in Paris. Of Greek origin, he has already been passionate about music since a very young age. He started playing the piano when he was only five years old. Pierre then joined a group and performed in Parisian clubs.

In the 1960s, he played with Eddy Mitchell and never left him. However, Pierre Papadiamandis has also collaborated with other French and international artists, such as Ray Charles, Johnny Hallyday, Dick Rivers, Michel Delpech and Celine Dion.

Who was Pierre Papadiamandis?

Pierre’s meeting with Eddy Mitchell marked his life. For good reason, the two men have never left each other. Before his death, the composer had created nearly 200 songs for Eddy Mitchell, including Couleur mint à l’eau and La Dernier Séance. But that’s not all ! He also gave his fellow traveler almost 200 of the melodies from his repertoire.

The friendship between the rocker and Pierre is solid, so much so that one would not consider making an album without the other. Eddy Mitchell says:

Peter is my brother. His wife, Anouk, is godmother to my eldest daughter, Maryline. We have always helped each other through difficult times, like my divorce. We never argued. I never thought of an album without him. Without Pierre, I would never have made this career.

His meeting with Eddy Mitchell

The meeting between Eddy Mitchell and Pierre Papadiamandis is not new. At the time, the rocker was still performing solo. He has just left the Chaussettes Noires and is looking for a pianist for his group. It is then that he falls on Pierre.

It was my sax that introduced me to Pierre. At the time, him and rock, it was the same thing, admits Eddy.

For his part, the main interested party declared that at that time he was studying classical and jazz, his favorite music.

But of all the rockers, Eddy was my favorite singer even before I met him, he continues.

They were like brothers

There is no Eddy without Pierre. Both formed a whole. They were united by music and their friendship grew over the years. If the rocker first creates the music, his colleague takes care of the texts.

We still work the same way today. Because I need a carrot to write, adds Mitchell. I never have texts in advance.

Pierre’s music, very cinematographic, brings me images, emotions. I still work on tape, the old fashioned way. The sound isn’t terrible, but you can move the tape forward or backward, explains Pierre.

Their way of working has not changed despite the passage of time. The same goes for their friendship, which has remained intact. They were like brothers, supporting each other through good times and bad. Today, this duo no longer exists. The reason is that Pierre Papadiamandis died.

He died at the age of 85

This is heartbreaking news for the family of the deceased as well as for Eddy Mitchell. All we know is that Pierre Papadiamandis died in a Paris hospital at the age of 85. The deceased and Eddy Mitchell were to be interviewed shortly. However, the composer was unable to stay until that date.

However, even though he passed away, Pierre Papadiamandis left many memories.


For example, he left the crooner with classics like It’s Easy, The Last Sitting, Water Mint, The Elephant Graveyard, Like When I Was a Kid and A Portrait of Norman Rockwell.

The list is long. In addition, the deceased also composed several songs during his fifty years of collaboration with his great friend Eddy Mitchell. Not all of these songs fell through. They stayed to remind his fans of the great man he was for 85 years.

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