Top 15 Funny Movies You Must See

A selection of funny films to spend real moments of fun with friends, couple or family. To watch without moderation !

The best funny movies before the year 2000

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Laughter is the cure-all. And that, the world of cinema has known since the very beginnings of the big screen. Comedy films number in the thousands, whether in cartoons or in films and series, there is something for everyone! Sometimes far-fetched, sometimes moving, but above all and always, to make you laugh out loud. Some of these films have managed to go beyond the title of “simple film” and have become cult, even cult. The 20th century will have seen a parade of very good comedies (in France and around the world) that can never be forgotten. Here is a selection of the best comedy films, French and American, from the years 1900 to 2000.

Le Dîner de Cons (1998), directed by Francis Veber

Genre: comedy, general audience

A classic among the best classics of humor, Le Dîner de Cons is one of the legends of the comedy film French. We follow the adventures of François Pignon, funny little fat, a little stupid, clumsy at will, a real jerk, invited by Pierre Bronchant, a wealthy art collector, to a dinner of which he and his friends have the secret. . The goal ? Bring back the most idiot of idiots. Then follows a series of unexpected events that undermine Mr Pignon’s host. “Il est mignon Monsieur Pignon”, a gem of French cinema, another version of which is delivered to us by the director Francis Veber.

The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob (1973), directed by Gérard Oury

Genre: comedy, community, general audience

Impossible to talk about comedy made in France without mentioning the great Louis de Funès. With dozens of films to his name, he is a true legend of laughter, among the best in the world. And which of his films will have more marked the spirits than The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob?

A rich Frenchman (very French) finds himself, unwittingly, in the middle of a conflict between a political party and the opposition of a foreign country. He then decides to hide within the Jewish community of his driver whom he has just fired, pretending to be a chief rabbi. Enough to have a good time movies with the kids!

The Visitors (1993), directed by Jean-Marie Poiré

Genre: comedy, history, fantasy, adventure, general audience

” May I die if I weaken ! “, motto of Godefroy de Montmirail, knight who lived in the Middle Ages who, because of an old witch, finds himself catapulted, with his valet, to the XXth century. On the program, clash of cultures, improbable situations, and meeting with the direct descendant of the Count of Montmirail, who takes the latter for his uncle Hubert, a little disturbed. This classic comedy, but timeless, brings together Jean Reno and Christian Clavier, two big names in French cinema.

Taxi (1998), directed by Gérard Pirès

Genre: humor, action, love, all audiences

The profession of taxi driver takes on a whole new dimension with Daniel Morales. This former pizza delivery man does not fail to surprise his customers at the wheel of his Peugeot 406 which he has modified into a real racing car. With the help of an insecure policeman, Daniel tries to stop a gang of German bank robbers in Marseilles. To rediscover absolutely, at home or at the cinema.

The Dictator (1940), directed by Charlie Chaplin

Genre: comedy, history, general audience

Charlie Chaplin is to comedy what Mozart is to the piano. In the role of the famous German dictator, Charlie Chaplin imitates with humor and a great intelligence the absurdity of the German convictions of the First World War. Charlie Chaplin is a resolutely committed actor and openly criticizes the dictator in a film as funny as it is cult. One of the best pamphlets the world of cinema has ever seen.

Ace Ventura, Cats and Dogs Detective (1995), directed by Tom Shadyac

Genre: adventure, comedy, general audience

If you have any problems with your pets, don’t hesitate to call Ace Ventura, Detective Dogs and Cats. In this comedy bordering on the absurd, Jim Carrey goes to great lengths to make us howl with laughter, through an almost upside-down story and a humor specific to the actor. A film for all audiences to program for Sunday afternoon cinema screenings.

Mr Bean, The Most Catastrophic Movie (1997), directed by Mel Smith

Genre: adventure, comedy, travel, general audience

Everyone knows Mr Bean, this completely Western Englishman who managed to make us laugh until we cried, without saying a single word. In this film, he travels to America, pretending to be a specialist in modern works of art. His host does not expect the series of drama that Bean will cause during his stay. A kind ofcomedyquite particular which does not necessarily appeal to everyone, but which has easily found its audience.

Is There A Cop To Save Hollywood? (1994), directed by Peter Segal

Genre: humor, detective, informed public

In the “absurd humor” category, we have Leslie Nielsen in the “Ya-t-il un Cop…” series. In this installment, one of the worst cops in America will try to save an award ceremony in Hollywood. The latter being threatened by a former prisoner who escaped a few days earlier. A movie less recommended for young audiencesbut still so hilarious after several years.

The best comedy movies since 2000

A young girl watching a film on her tablet Credit: Jorge García Argazkiak

The world of humor has passed a milestone since the 2000s. A new kind of direction and director, a new wave of actors, a new style of humor and new twists in the stories. A revolution of laughter that has not stopped, and this, until today.

Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (2002), by director Alain Chabat

Genre: humor, adventure, history, all audiences

Film adaptation of the famous comic strip, Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra is the very representation of the comic genius of Alain Chabat. Through funny expressions that have become cults, several of the best comic actors who have surpassed themselves and an almost perfect realization, we find our two favorite Gauls whose mission is to build a palace for Cleopatra.

RRRrrr! ! ! (2003), by director Alain Chabat

Genre: prehistory, history, humor, all audiences

In this film, Alain Chabat delivers yet another exceptional achievement. The story takes place in prehistory, when two peoples are in conflict because of… Shampoo! The Clean Hair Tribe finds itself rocked by the disappearance of one of its members. Who is the killer? What is his goal ? What is the secret of shampoo? So many questions that will have made one of the funniest films in French cinema.

Brice de Nice (2005), by director James Huth

Genre: humor, surfing, all audiences

Jean Dujardin is one of the most emblematic figures of humor in cinema made in France. With OSS 117 and The Artist, Jean Dujardin will have made an impression. But one of his most unforgettable characters is undoubtedly the funny blond Brice de Nice. A redneck surfer who thinks he’s the king of the world and who, with expressions even more cheesy than his hairstyle and a questionable sense of humor, tries to gain recognition from others. Jean Dujardin gives us a hilarious comedyhailed by critics of French cinema.

L’Arnacoeur (2010), by director Pascal Chaumeil

Genre: comedy, romance, drama, young audience

Love, lies, manipulation… 3 words that perfectly define the Arnacoeur. This love specialist is paid by people to seduce their fiancée into leaving them for good. His fate changes when he falls in love with one of his victims. A romantic comedy that perfectly translates the expression “such is taken who thought he was taking!” and who collects positive reviews.

Almighty Bruce (2003), by director Tom Shadyac

Genre: comedy, romance, fantasy, mature audience

Have you ever imagined what you would do if you became God overnight? It is this situation that Jim Carrey lived, in the skin of Bruce. One of the comedy movies the craziest of this century, subtly mixing humor and love. If the opinions on the film are mixed, it is nonetheless one of the funniest of the beginning of the century.

Fake Blondes Undercover (2004), by director Keenen Ivory Wayans

Genre: comedy, stealth, friends, young adult audience

Two friendly and African-American police officers decide to infiltrate an event gathering the richest people of the Hamptons, in order to arrest a criminal on the edge of the abyss. In order to succeed in their infiltration, the two police officers pretend to be two of the most popular girls in the Hamptons, and befriend a group of somewhat peculiar girls. A funny film signed Wayans Brothers!

Very Bad Trip (2009), by director Todd Phillips

Genre: Travel, Drama, Comedy, Friends, Audience

Waking up after a monumental blackout and putting yourself in the most improbable situations in the world, this is what can sum up this film which will have garnered positive reviews and opinions. Very Bad Trip alone defines why it’s more than necessary to choose your best friends. A little action, a touch of drama, but above all, a lot of humor, all mixed together to give one of the best comedy films of the 21st century.

And as a bonus

The Interns (2013), by director Shawn Levy

Genre: business, humor, friends, young audience

Two sales experts are fired from their jobs and end up unemployed at 40 years old and dusty. They embark with little hope on a project that will be quits or double: follow an internship with the computer magnate Google, to try to win a job. At the beginning of their internship, they find themselves in a group of gifted young people who have no faith in their computer skills. The adventure will be as funny as it is moving.

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