Discover 5 completely crazy roles of Nicolas Cage

By Francois R.

– Posted on 20 Apr 2022 at 16:23

In A Solid Gold Talent, in theaters this Wednesday, April 20, Nicolas Cage plays… Nicolas Cage. The opportunity to look back on five very… “Nicolas Cage” performances!

Nicholas Cage is a legend. It is a fact. Whether we like the American actor or not, how can we not admire the man behind his characters. A history fanatic who hunts castles allegedly haunted across Europe, mount an expedition to find the Holy Grailbuy a real skull of dinosaur for nearly $300,000. A animal lover who takes hallucinogenic mushrooms with his cathas a talking crow and went fight with two killer cobras. Finally, a renowned actorwho experienced the celebrity early 90s, a desert crossing twenty years later and at least two artistic resurrections since 2013. A legend, we tell you.

This is surely what seduced the director Tom Gormicanauthor of the highly anticipated A Solid Gold Talentwhich offers Nicolas Cage a role tailor-made… That of Nicolas Cage. An actor indebted, ex-star of the 90s, who struggles to return to the front of the stage. Like an air of already seen. In the film, he finds himself playing some of his most emblematic and the most crazy for a billionaire who will help him pay his debts. But, at the same time, the CIA contact Nick Cage so that he can play double agents and investigation undercover on the billionaire. A starting postulate that holds on a post it but which has everything of an entertainment meta promising. A Nicolas Cage Show which inspired Melty to come back to five crazy roles of this performer extraordinary. Follow the leader !

Five completely crazy roles

Kiss Me, Vampire (1989)

Imagine: Nick Cage in businessman without faith or law which turns into vampire bloodthirsty (pleonasm) in the twilight New York of the late 80s (pleonasm bis). Proofreading of myth of Nosferatuthis small film well retro who enjoys the status of worship among the fans, is the first stone in the edifice of “Nicolascagian” art. To fit into his role vampiricthe actor even ate a cockroach living in a now legendary scene. Spoiler: we had to redo the outlet and put the cover back. Enjoy your lunch !

Sailor and Lula (1990)

Hairstyle at the Elviscigarette in mouth and sparkling jacket in snake skin… Nick Cage is Sailor Ripley. A convict, transit lover of the sulphurous and sensual Lulain this road movie crazy and rock ‘n roll signed David Lynch. A Modern Romeolit from the jar too romantic that dangerous. In the opening scene, he smashes the skull of a hitman before beating him to death in an explosion of violence mind-blowing and graphic. Spoiler: he lights a cigarette again as if nothing had happened. Smoking kills.

Turn/Face (1997)

Perhaps the most complete by Nick Cage. A festival grandguinolesque coupled with in-orbit performance. Beaver Troy, dangerous terroristliterally steals the face of his enemy, Sean Archer of the CIAafter one surgical intervention. A double partition for Cage which plays its role but also that of John Travolta as Sean Archer. You follow ? Nope ? Go see the movie, it’s better than a lecture. Spoiler: the film is an inexhaustible source of memes Internet. Choose your favorite Nicolas Cage!

Bad Lieutenant: Stopover in New Orleans (2010)

How to follow up on the masterpiece ofAbel Ferrara, bad lieutenant ? By calling on Nick Cage, of course! Directed by the equally crazy Werner Herzogthis true-false sequel crashes the actor dirty south in the oversized clothes of a crazy cop. Caviar for Cage which alternates crack pipe (fictitious) and cable crash (real). Its performance easily follows that ofHarvey Keitel in the original 1992 film. Spoiler: The stoned antihero tangles with an aggressive iguana. Atmosphere 30,000,000 friends.

Mandy (2019)

A bathroom garishly patterned, Nick Cage bloodied in underpantsa bottle of vodka to the neck and 59 seconds of controlled cracking. In mandytrip chic and toc, proofreading ofevil Dead under infusion of Lovecraftour favorite actor, or rather his character leaves in a revenge quest. A fluorescent red spiral, torrent of hemoglobin and of aggressive neon lights in which Cage finds one of his two artistic resurrections in his 40-year career. Spoiler: a final chainsaw duel. “It’s gonna cut, honey.

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