Fantastic Beasts 3 hits hard ahead of God and Sonic 2

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets arrives in French cinemas and takes the lead in the box office, ahead of What have we all done to God? and sonic 2.

This week, return to Hogwarts with the new part of the saga of fantastic animalssubtitle Dumbledore’s Secrets. The film kicks off with 1.2 million spectators gathered in the 806 assigned cinemas in France. It’s about the lowest score in the franchise, Fantastic Beasts having collected 1.4 million admissions in 2016, and The Crimes of Grindelwald 1.6 million in 2018, not to mention the Harry Potter which all exceeded 2 million, or even 3 million tickets sold during their first week.

The new adventures of the charismatic (humor) Nobert Dragonneau nevertheless become the second best start for a feature film released in 2022just behind The Batman (1.2 million admissions), and ahead Uncharted (955,650 spectators). The magic of this laboriously laborious Fantastic Beasts 3 therefore had its effect all the same, but without any particular brilliance – like its start in the United States.

Behind the film directed by David Yates is the new disaster What have we all done to God? which occupies the second place of the top 5 of the week. The shy start of the film directed by Philippe de Chauveron is confirmed since it only sold 461,311 tickets this week, i.e. 47.3% less than its first days of operation. For comparison, the previous feature film in the franchise suffered a drop in attendance of just over 30% in the second week, while the first had meanwhile gained viewers.

In third place, we find the continuation of sonic the movie which this week has a little less than 300,000 admissions. A reasonable and rather stable score since its drop in attendance did not exceed 27%. Nevertheless, this third week of operation confirms that the reunion with the blue hedgehog attracted noticeably less French viewers since the accumulation of this sonic 2 painfully exceeds what its predecessor had accumulated with one less week of operation in 2020, namely 1.4 million curious people.

When sorcerers pay themselves the Good Lord

And speaking of funny critters that make terrible jokes, the new creation from DreamWorks animation studios, The Bad Guys, continues its journey in French theaters and is in fourth place. By collecting just over 176,000 curious people, the animated film extends its weak start – who was already among the most shy of the studio in France. With the school holidays beginning in Paris next week, the film will no doubt succeed in inflating its figures to a minimum.

To close the top 5, the new feature film directed by Cédric Klapisch, In body. If the dance In Body didn’t really convince our critics, the film remains rather stable with a drop in attendance of just over 30% compared to last week. The film has therefore sold 176,495 tickets in recent days, while inflating its alloy of theaters by 229 additional copies. What possibly give a boost to the feature film.

In body: photoKlapisch is still leading the dance?

Out of the top 5, we find the abyssal super-zero film, Morbius. Sony’s blockbuster is expelled from the top 5 after only three weeks of exploitations and just over 93,000 more spectators in recent days. A failure which is becoming clearer with a drop in attendance of 45.9% this week and 111 copies amputated from the alloy of French cinemas. The turnip directed by Daniel Espinosa has therefore accumulated 670,092 spectators since its release.

In the news section, we find Revenge of the Glitter Shrimp which starts at just under 70,000 admissions this week. A start below the previous film which drew 253,409 viewers in its first week of 2019. Similarly, the comedy The winners collected only 35,199 spectators in its first seven days, with almost 200 cinemas less than the prawns.

At the same time: photo, Jonathan Cohen, Vincent MacaigneWhen you try to comfort yourself however you can

Eighth best score of the week, the The Batman directed by Matt Reeves has garnered more than 56,000 admissions in recent days, almost 40% less than last week. The film therefore ends its life wisely in French cinemas, at the gates of the 3 million cumulative spectators. Further in the ranking, we find the new comedy by Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delépine, The same timewho plummets in its second week of operation with 27,278 curious in recent days, 61.1% less than last week.

The feature film therefore finds itself in fourteenth place in the weekly ranking, despite its 458 copies broadcast throughout France. This week, The Secret of the Lost City, A talent in solid gold and Segpas landed in French cinemas. The comedy directed by Ali Bougheraba and Hakim Bougheraba is also on track to make a nice score on our screens given its good start with 41,429 admissions on its first day of operation.


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