Hard blow for the PQ: Véronique Hivon will not be a candidate in the next elections

PQ MP Véronique Hivon will not be a candidate in the next election, yet another blow for the Parti Québécois.

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After 14 years as MP for Joliette, the time has come to move on. I need to exist outside of politics because politics isn’t just a job, it’s a function, it’s an organization of life, it lives in you, it excites you , but at some point, it is as if your identity became deeply confused with your role and your function”, she says, in an interview with our Parliamentary Office.

His departure from political life is not good news for Paul St-Pierre Plamondon and his troops, who have been in free fall in voting intentions for months.

A Léger poll unveiled this very morning in the pages of the Log reveals that the PQ has reached a historic low, with 9% support from voters.

Véronique Hivon, however, warns those who would make a link between her decision and the bad posture of her party. “Polls have never scared me,” she insists. The PQ adds that her decision, taken before the heartbreaking defeat of the PQ in the Marie-Vicrorin partial, would be the same if her political party was at the gates of power.

And she does not lose hope for the future of the party. “There are a lot of challenges and work ahead of us, I don’t have rose-colored glasses,” she said. But when you are animated in your political action, not by power, but in the search to achieve a project, the independence of Quebec, an ideal, deep values, that animates you and that gives meaning.

The member for Joliette also has a sense of duty accomplished, even if a large part of her political career has taken place from the benches of the opposition.

Godmother of the law which now allows Quebecers at the end of their life to “die with dignity”, she enjoys a strong capital of sympathy in the population, as well as in the National Assembly.

Véronique Hivon was also treated to a chorus of praise from both her sovereignist comrades in arms and her political opponents.

“In a political era where polarization, hatred and cynicism occupy a growing place, your passage in politics will have been a source of hope”, wrote its leader, in a letter published on social networks.

  • Listen to Benoit Dutrizac’s interview with Véronique Hivon, PQ MP for the riding of Joliette on QUB radio:

“I had the opportunity to work with Véronique Hivon. She is a brilliant and passionate woman. Thank you Véronique for your contribution to public service and good luck for the future!”, responded Prime Minister François Legault.

“Véronique Hivon is a great lady. She is a woman of heart, she is a woman who is determined, who has espoused social causes throughout her career. Causes that were close to his heart, ”commented the liberal leader Dominique Anglade.

Its transpartisan fights have made its reputation, like the more recent one on support for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

The MP will leave vacant one of the last PQ strongholds, which can now be counted on the fingers of one hand. Ms. Hivon won with 4,500 majority votes over her CAQ rival in 2018.

Former stronghold of Minister Guy Chevrette, the riding of Joliette has been a PQ since 1976, with the exception of an ADQ interlude in 2007.

Will Véronique Hivon leave politics forever? Does she rule out a return to active politics? “You can never say never, (but) my intention is really to take some distance, to do something else, to exist differently”.

– With the collaboration of Marc-André Gagnon

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