Here is what became of the 15 Academicians of Star Académie 2021

A year after their adventure Star Academy, the Academicians who charmed us with their talent and voice in the 2021 edition continue to carve out a place for themselves in Quebec show business. Some are very present on the stage, while others remain more discreet, but one thing is certain, they have not stopped singing.

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Here is what became of the 15 Academicians of 2021:

15. Charles Kamoun

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

Since leaving Star Academy, Charles worked tirelessly to develop his career. Good news for his fans, he is currently working on material that should be released in the next few months! Meanwhile, he and his lover, Rosalie, are planning a trip to Bali soon. We wish them a wonderful time!

14. Olivier Faubert

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

Looking for a new EP to check out? It is that of the former Academician Olivier, my shadows, which must be listened to. Always inspiring, Olivier revealed to be sober for more than four years, and his new project was inspired by this experience.

13. Matt Moln

Jo�l Lemay / QMI Agency

The pure artist, as Lara Fabian so aptly described, hasn’t taken a break. He released songs, and his most recent, The end of the senses is available everywhere. He continues to write and work on his art. An artist who promotes French-speaking music to watch! He always loves being in front of the lens, especially that of photographer André, aka villedepluie, on Instagram.

12. Zara Sargsyan

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

The young artist continues to carve out a place for herself on the local music scene after her experience. Zara performed her first show a few months ago in Montreal, at the Sainte-Catherine Theater. She remained very close to several other Academicians, including Annabel, with whom she often collaborates.

11. Shayan Heidari

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

The former Academician is more motivated than ever, he continues to write and create. In addition to having recently released his first single All I Want, he’s cooking up an EP right now. Upon his release from Star Academy, he had a bit of a dark time, but he’s come out of it stronger than ever. On the side of his personal life, Shayan introduced his Instagram followers to his lover, Maya Nujaim, also a musician.

10. Dashny Jules

Jo�l Lemay / QMI Agency

The one who inspired joie de vivre and good humor in the mansion last year continues to make us smile with the content he shares on his networks. It presents covers of song that we love. Lately, he even collaborated on Corneille’s most recent album, pink ink.

9. Maeva Grelet

Photo QMI Agency, Joël Lemay

Despite the fact that she was one of the youngest in the group, Maëva showed great maturity and professionalism. Upon leaving the Academy, she did not stop working on her career. She signed with the Diakadi Music record label and released an album, Prelude. His sensual music will make you want to dance! Maëva is also an ambassador for Together for our young people, an organization that aims to fight against school dropout among ethnocultural communities.

8. Jacob Roberge

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

More introverted than the others, his imposing voice made him one of the public’s favorites in 2021. He continues to share several cover of song on his Instagram and he participated in a performance in a church for Christmas. He has fond memories of his experience at Star Academy and even made the big request to his lover following his adventure. She said yes!

7. Annabel Orestes

Photo QMI Agency, Joel Lemay

The (self-proclaimed!) Princess of the Academy is still just as flamboyant as she was on the show. Annabel has announced that she is now part of the Mlife Music Group family, a record label whose mission is to bring people together around music. It is a mission that Annabel will be able to fulfill well, there is no doubt about it. She recently celebrated her 21st birthday, well surrounded by her many friends!

6. Meghan Oak

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

Despite the fact that the adventure Star Academy was short-lived for Meghan, she marked the public. This summer, she released a single, Goodbye, that you will want to listen to on loop all day long. She found time to release a clothing collection in collaboration with Kool Apparel. On top of all that, Meghan has found love! She continues to enjoy life, travel and perform with the announcement of the reopening of bars and performance halls.

5. Rosalie Ayotte

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

Semi-finalist, this artist continues to sing and compose by sharing short videos with her fans on Instagram. More recently, we could hear her beautiful voice on the show’s theme song. true nature.

4. Queenie Clement

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

Queenie continues to make her place in the industry and, surprise, she is expecting her first child. This singer has not stopped since the release of her adventure and she even participated in another reality show, Gospelmania. Queenie has also appeared on local shows like around midnight with Gregory Charles and she took part in the Bal Mammouth alongside Lunou and William. We can say that this is the beginning of a great career for this beautiful artist.

3. Guillaume Lafond

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

Impossible to forget the movement of the pelvis of this country singer! Guillaume returned to the stage of Star Academy during her participation in a tribute to Renée Martel for Variété on March 6. He continues to perform in the province. To find out the dates of his next shows and to buy tickets, go to his website.

2. Lunou Zucchini

Photo QMI Agency, Joël Lemay

Fan-favorite runner-up Lunou made an appearance at Star Academy 2022 to promote the Quebec adaptation of Rock of Ages with Rémi Chassé who will play this summer in Quebec and of which she will be a part. Lunou goes on projects and is also on tour with none other than William Cloutier in the province.

1. William Cloutier

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

The winner of Star Academy 2021 has just released its first album, We will go, and we hear it tirelessly everywhere on the radios here. He continues to share his life with his girlfriend of the last 10 years, Sara, and to be the father of two adorable boys.

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