Laurent Laffite is Bernard Tapie in the first photo of Wonderman

Netflix has unveiled a first look at Laurent Lafitte’s Bernard Tapie for its new original French creation, Wonderman.

There exist in the careers of artists, desires and projects that persist and by dint of patience, conviction, and opportunities, stand the test of time to finally see the light of day when no one was expecting them. Thus, the director and screenwriter Tristan Séguéla had taken, a decade earlier, the improbable dream of a project around Bernard Tapie, a controversial and multifaceted French figure, carried by the actor Laurent Lafitte. And after all, why not ? Difficult, finally, to envisage a character more incredible and cinematographic than the former businessman-minister-singer-sports president-actors the late Mr. Tapie.

And because there are clearly not enough biographical narratives within the vast film and serial landscapes, and the company was decidedly too good not to invest in it, Netflix announced in June 2021 its next original series made in France, Wonderman. A long-awaited realization by Séguéla who has since been joined by screenwriter Olivier Demangel (Black Baron) and producer Bruno Nahon (The Invisibles, La Vie en grande).

wonder man will therefore tell the story spread over twenty years, of the romantic adventures of Bernard Tapie, from his professional debut until the 1960s. While the series has been filming since March 7, the platform took the opportunity to formalize the resemblance between the actor Small Handkerchiefs and the former businessman by sharing a first look at the comedian in costume.

A series that will be a hit or will end up under the rug?

Sitting at the wheel of his bronze convertible, the dark suit, the serious air, Lafitte seems to definitively bring back from the dead the former deputy, who died in 2021 from stomach cancer. A resurrection to which the main interested party was also firmly opposed.

If Séguéla had hastened to inform Tapie of the project so early that the idea had come to him, the latter will never have communicated his approval, and had no hesitation in expressing his disagreement publicly: “There are things we don’t do. That there are documentaries is another thing, but borrowing my name is a bit heavy »he had thus communicated to Tele-Leisure in April 2021. Reluctance with a priori justified foundationssince the creators of the series had, in 2021, entrusted to First :

Paul Sanchez is back!  : photo, Laurent LafitteOn the way to success?

“Our goal is not to make an indictment for or against Tapie. Nor to put in images his Wikipedia file. We try to work the man. So inevitably, we will be more in fiction than in documentary. We try to put ourselves in his shoes, his emotions, but also by telling the stages he went through. wonder man will be a biopic about the man, freer than a biopic about the facts, with a very strong element of subjectivity. This is our look at its trajectory. »

Ordered for a first season of six episodes of 45 minutes each, wonder man can also count on Fabrice Luchini, Patrick D’Assumçao, Sarah Suco, in roles for the moment unknown, as well as Joséphine Japy (Cloclo, Breathe), who will play the role of Dominique Tapie. If no release date has yet been announced by the platform, Séguéla, Demangel and Laffite are already dreaming, if successful, of a second season.


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