Le Nouvelliste | Vanessa Désiré: “HMI remains an industry dominated by men”

While she had confidently promised the album “Fòs” for last year, inconveniences forced Vanessa Désiré not to keep her promise. “2021 has been difficult for all sectors, particularly for the music sector. This prompted me to change my strategy. In consultation with my staff, after consulting other musicians and producers, we decided that the best option was to wait until 2022, ”explains Vanessa Désiré in an interview with Ticket.

The album is however 100% ready, assures the singer. “We have made some changes unlike the version which was to be released in 2021, added titles and removed others. With my staff, we are waiting for music videos in preparation to be completed before announcing a date. For now, I’m jumping from one production to another to work on several clips of the disc’s flagship titles. A tour of the United States is also under consideration. It should be held in the same period as the release of “Fòs”, indicates the one found on “Danse dab” alongside Mechans-T.

At the same time, Vanessa Désiré has been very present in the Dominican Republic lately. However, do not count her among the number of Haitians who have settled there. “All moun ki konnen m, yo konnen mwen pa negosye vil mwen Tigwav”, recalls Vanessa Désiré with a burst of laughter. “For the need of the album, I am in the Dominican Republic to work with some producers. But also for videos. So I’m passing through, I don’t live in neighboring land. Even if I work there on my career, my spirit remains in Petit-Goâve. At the slightest favorable opportunity, I go home, ”she reassures.

“I did an excellent job with Harmonik and I’m satisfied”

Last October, Harmonik released the track “P ap ka separe” in collaboration with singer Jessie Woo to announce “Maturité”, the group’s 6th studio album. The song enjoyed some success. Success quickly tainted by the differences between the proteges of Rodney Noël and the Haitian-American singer. Now, the album has just been released, but with a remixed version of “P ap ka separate”. The voice of Vanessa Désiré replaces that of Jessie Woo. Naturally, analysts and fans lent themselves to an exercise in comparing the two versions.

“It’s no surprise that people start comparing two totally different singers on a track. The original version has been out for some time and is embodied in the minds of consumers, especially as it has made an impact. My job is to sing, to put my talent at the service of the public. I think I did it brilliantly. I am very satisfied with it. I remain myself, without judging the choice and behavior of others, ”says Vanessa Désiré.

In addition, the ex-member of the duo Vanessa-Toby announces other collaborations with artists on their projects whose publication dates, she underlines, do not depend on her. Several artists will also be present on “Fòs”.

On the other hand, invited to speak about the presence of women on the Haitian music scene, Vanessa Désiré pointed to a bleak picture. “The HMI remains an industry dominated by men,” she says without flinching. “The obstacles and difficulties for a woman who wants to break into music in Haiti are legion. When a Haitian woman decides to make music, she chooses to suffer and fight. Expect to face the unthinkable. But the most important thing is to be clear with yourself about what you want. To be yourself. Everything is possible with a good staff that supervises you and the determination not to stop in the face of obstacles. But above all, don’t take the easiest route, it doesn’t take you too far,” continues Vanessa Désiré.

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