Louise Sigouin withdraws from the Order of Sexologists of Quebec

Targeted by a complaint filed by the syndic of her professional order, Louise Sigouin withdrew from the Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec. This decision allows the star speaker of the television series “If we loved each other” presented to TVA to pursue its television commitments.

The sex therapist announced her decision in an open letter published on Friday. She explains that she has read and is upset by the complaint made by the syndic of the Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec against her. A first complaint of any kind brought against her in 30 years of career, she specifies.

“Out of respect for the ongoing disciplinary process that Duo Productions and I have fully cooperated with for almost 2 years and since the evidence has yet to be released, I will not comment on its contents,” she wrote.

Ms. Sigouin specifies that she has communicated on several occasions, since 2016, with her professional order in order to present the television project of “Si on s’aimer”. in which she would act as an expert in relational support and a sexologist. This in order to “respect its ethical obligations considering that this project was totally new and innovative. »

“This action (withdrawing from the Professional Order) seems to me to be the only possible solution that will allow me to pursue my commitments with complete peace of mind towards the participants of the 4th season of “Si on s’aimer” and towards Duo Productions. , while resolving the situation with the Order,” she adds.

The sexologist says that her membership in the Order is not essential to the pursuit of her television activities or in the support offered to her clients. His final decision regarding his belonging to the Order will be made according to the outcome of the complaint.

“It’s my approach to the 5 dualities which has a considerable positive impact in the concept of the show, but also, and above all, with the Quebec population, particularly in the exploration of self-knowledge”, adds the one who exercises the profession since 1992, the year he obtained his bachelor’s degree in sexology at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

“If participants have experienced the feeling of not having been adequately accompanied and supported during their appearance on the television show, despite the assistance and measures put in place, know that this concerns me greatly. »

Recall that Le Devoir had reported on April 9 that Louise Sigouin was the subject of an investigation by the Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec for having failed in her code of ethics. We learned that it had already been several months since the process had been started, the Order having received reports and requests for investigations from candidates and viewers with regard to the sexologist of “If we loved each other”.

The show, which is filming its fourth season, has reached an average of 2.2 million viewers each week.

Le Devoir had interviewed four participants from three seasons of docureality who, constrained to anonymity, had denounced the mistreatment of them, the ethical issues, as well as the false images conveyed by the series with the aim of promote the show, books and other products derived from “If we loved each other”.

TVA Group, Quebecor Content and Duo Productions confirm that they have taken note of the complaint made by the syndic of the Ordre des sexologues du Québec against Mrs. Louise Sigouin in the context of the program “Si on s’aimer”. “Out of respect for the ongoing disciplinary process,” they will not comment on this.

“Louise Sigouin is an expert in relational support who has been supporting individuals, couples and groups for more than 30 years towards emotional and romantic well-being,” said Ariane Fortin, Director of Communications, in a press release.

“Since its first broadcast in April 2020, the series has experienced unprecedented enthusiasm and is doing useful work, because it goes beyond entertainment and deals with relevant subjects that touch, inform and reach Quebecers. The teams and craftsmen who work on the production of “If we loved each other” have always acted in a professional, benevolent, collaborative manner, placing the well-being of the participants at the heart of their concerns. »

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