Narbonne: The young people of the Café des Potes get caught up in the game of making a film

The KOVisuel association, based in Aude, is organizing for the fifth year an audiovisual project for young people, in collaboration with the Café des Potes and the Théâtre+Cinéma de Narbonne, as part of the “Passeurs d’images “. The objective: to provide education on the 7th art through strong themes.

“We create films out of passion, and we associate them with meaningful themes in our society, it’s our trademark”, explains Ana Sany, project coordinator. For five years now, this departmental association has been offering workshops and initiations around the 7th art.

The latter, created in 2016, aims to give voice to young people, to participate in the promotion of social, cultural, economic and environmental dynamics. “We quickly realized that demand had been really strong here in Narbonne for several years now”, says Jacob Redman. This year, the project is taking place with the Café des Potes, a place that welcomes young people for school support and during the holidays. “Here, we offer a kind of reassuring place for young people, and we also help people discover things through special tools. This place is really part of popular education”says Kévin from the Café des Potes.

For the year 2022, the association has chosen to set up a complete workshop around cinema. As part of the national “Passeurs d’images” system, young people watched around fifteen short films of all types: funny films, animation, documentaries and even fiction. But with a very specific theme: gender equality. They then selected 7, which they will present to the public on April 27 at the Théâtre+Cinéma. “They chose his films always keeping the theme in mind, which also allowed them to think about the issues of equality”continues Ana Sany.

A creation for May 6

The young people then have an objective: choose a film and draw inspiration from it to make their own short film on the theme of the year with professional equipment. The latter will be presented ahead of the film “Fragile”, by Emma Benestan. The chosen film is called “I am not”. To support them as best as possible in the production of their film, the young people will be supported and coordinated by professionals from the Theatre+Cinema, in addition to a very special guest. “For the first time, the actress and director Lou Salaum Tilly will come to play in the film. It’s really incredible for us to see her participate in the project, especially since she is from Narbonne”announces Jacob Redman.

For young people too, there is joy and excitement. Aged between 12 and 15, they were involved in the project from the start, even if some of them are not at their first try. “This is the second workshop I’ve done, and I still like it so much”confides Chloé, 14 years old. “What I’ve enjoyed the most so far is the private tour of the theatre. But I’m really looking forward to starting production on the film”, says Dino, 12 years old. One thing remains certain, for the distribution of roles, the task may be complicated. “We all want to be in front of the camera”.

After the broadcast of the short film, the KOVisuel association will try to present the film in various national competitions. “The first will be the Musicbed Challenge on May 10”concludes Ana Sany.

Free screening open to all. For any additional information, contact 0468909020

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