Netflix: 7 superhero movies to watch or watch again

news culture Netflix: 7 superhero movies to watch or watch again

In 2022, superheroes are everywhere, including on our screens. Today, the JV editorial team offers you 10 superhero films to discover or rediscover on the SVOD Netflix platform.


  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Hancock
  • The LEGO Grand Adventure
  • man of steel
  • Spiderman
  • Spider Man 2
  • The Dark Knight, The Black Knight

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the direct sequel to Man of Steel, still directed by Zack Snyder. Released in 2016, the film introduces us to a new Batman, played this time by Ben Affleck. After Superman’s battle with the Kryptonians, Bruce Wayne sees Superman as a potential danger to Earth and its inhabitants. That’s why he decides to embark on a crusade against the Man of Steel in order to eliminate him. With this second film from the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), Zack Snyder takes the opportunity to reinvent the Dark Knight and make him more violent than ever. Despite mixed reviews when it was released in theaters, the film managed to regain its luster with its long version which enriches the plot.


Hancock is a movie released in 2008 and directed by Peter Berg. Will Smith plays Hancock, a superhero like no other. It may save many lives, but the collateral damage it causes makes the inhabitants of Los Angeles can’t take it anymore. Add to that his horrible character, the fact that he does as he pleases and that people’s opinions don’t matter to him, you get the anti-hero par excellence. His meeting with Ray Embers, a public relations specialist, will change the game by trying to improve his image with society. Hancock is a delirious superhero movie that will make you have a good time.

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The LEGO Grand Adventure

At first glance, making a movie on LEGOs may seem complicated. After all, these are only small blocks of plastic that we modulate according to our desires. And yet, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller managed to breathe an unparalleled soul into it through their film. The LEGO Grand Adventure released in 2014. Emmet (Chris Pratt) is a regular little guy living in Bricksburg… where “everything is super awesome!!!” One day, his life changes when he is mistaken for the “Special”, a being capable of saving the LEGO world from the terrible Lord Business. The latter threatens to permanently glue the LEGOs together, removing all creativity from their world. To help him in his quest, he will be accompanied by an old wizard, Cool Tag, a young rebel accompanied by her fiancé… Batman!!! Beyond a simple massive advertisement for the famous colored bricks, this film offers a real philosophical reflection on freedom and creativity.

man of steel

Zack Snyder isn’t just anyone in the small world of big-screen superhero adaptations. He had already tried his hand at the genre with Watchmen: The Guardians in 2009. It was in 2013 that he was entrusted with the adaptation of Superman. After a perfectible Superman Returns in 2006, Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to reboot the license in order to launch the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Zack Snyder will bring his vision to history’s first modern superhero in man of steel with Henry Cavill to play Clark Kent. Raised on a farm in Kansas, he quickly discovers that he possesses superhuman abilities. This is due to his origins: he actually comes from the planet Krypton, a planet that has disappeared and whose last representatives seek to conquer the Earth. Despite the fact that he’s not human, his heart is. This is why he will take the decision to protect the Earth from these invaders and thus become a symbol.


the Spiderman by Sam Raimi is one of the films that gave superhero cinema its acclaim. Tobey Maguire finds himself in the shoes of Peter Parker, a high school student and orphan, raised by his uncle Ben and his aunt May. Being a nerd with glasses, he is harassed daily by his classmates while being in love with Mary Jane Watson, one of the most beautiful girls in high school. Fortunately, his best friend Harry Osborn, son of billionaire Norman Osborn, is there to support him. One day, during a school visit to a laboratory, Peter is bitten by a genetically modified spider. The next day, he develops superpowers similar to those of arachnids. After several events leading to the death of a loved one, the newly named Spider-Man decides to use his powers for good by fighting crime on the streets of New York. A classic superhero movie.

Netflix: 7 superhero movies to watch or watch again

Spider Man 2

With Sam Raimi still in charge, Spider Man 2 has the heavy task of paying homage, just as well as the first, to the Spider-Man. We find again Tobey Maguire in the skin of Peter Parker. Where the first film showed us how the Queens high school student discovered his powers, Spider-Man 2 shows us how he tries somehow to combine his life as a student and that of a superhero while keeping his identity a secret. . Still in love with Mary Jane, Peter sees his heart break when he learns that the latter is about to marry another. His life becomes a battlefield when Doctor Otto Octavius ​​goes mad after a failed experiment turns him into Dr. Octopus…a villain with fearsome mechanical arms. Peter will question himself and wonder about his role within a society that he can no longer follow. A masterful sequel for a hero who is just as much.

The Dark Knight, The Black Knight

The Dark Knight is the second film in the Batman trilogy orchestrated by Christopher Nolan. Released in 2008, this film made everyone agree thanks to its onion-based staging and its high-flying actors. In this installment, Batman (Christian Bale) continues to fight crime on the streets of Gotham after the attack on Ra’s Al Ghul and the Scarecrow from the first film. Aided by Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and district attorney Harvey Dent, the Dark Knight must face his worst enemy: the Joker (Heath Ledger) who is wreaking havoc throughout the city. Between action, suspense, twists, dramas and above all a masterful Gotham clown, The Dark Knight is proving to be a staple of the superhero films offered by Netflix.

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