Politics is for tough guys

It looks like a childhood disease that gets worse with age. The girls of today, indoctrinated by superior nuns without cornettes with the support of priests without cassocks and Roman collars who display themselves with pink scarves around their necks, these modern girls are condemned to be victims.

Forget the analysis grid of social classes so dear to Marx, Lenin and the bonzes of the class struggle. The explanation is less complex. It is that the education of girls does not lead them to consider themselves as combatants, but above all as victims by the official discourse of radical feminists. As a result, they resign themselves, too often, to accepting the status accorded by a supposedly anti-macho society.

Dominica English

The leader of the PLQ, Dominique Anglade, embodies the ultimate of this victim position. She suggests in her last statements that she cannot assert herself in the public space because she is a woman.

Being a woman today certainly leads to many more possibilities in the world of business and political power, but that does not prevent women from being discredited later on. In too many areas, it is still impossible to break the glass ceiling.

Dominique Anglade admits that she feels obliged to be perfect in all respects. Hence the setbacks in his party. Because it is well known, declaring oneself a victim is a way of not assuming the slightest responsibility for one’s own actions.

Yet politics is a permanent balance of power, whether you like it or not. This explains the reluctance of many men today to make the leap into politics. Moreover, politicians who end up throwing in the towel by resigning often use the argument that they want to devote more time to their family.

Systemic victimization serves as an excuse for many women when they fail to live up to their duties. Choosing politics is an act of courage. This is not a job for weaklings and complainers. You have to be well armed psychologically, whether you’re a man or a woman.

encourage the girls

Women who increasingly occupy positions of power or who become publicly involved cannot change the nature of politics. This explains the difficulty of the parity requirement. We must therefore train girls to take up this challenge and not pity them. We must encourage them to express their emotions while warning them against the pitfalls that await them. The world of power is not made for whiners. Even if it is hard to accept.

The real liberation of women is achieved through the daily struggle against stereotypes. But the struggle is not just between men and women. Women can fight each other. And sometimes for the greatest perverse pleasure of the men who witness it.

Those who reach hierarchical positions only survive and thrive by refusing to be victims. This is where true equality lies.

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