The woke witch hunt

I knew my title would catch your attention. Admit it, you fell into my click trap. But please don’t go. I want to talk to you about a matter that I find important: the toxic climate that seems to reign within certain student associations at UQAM.

toxic climate

I wish I could tell you that reading about students being harassed and bullied at their own school surprised me. But that would be lying. I studied at UQAM, and these things were done in my time too. Yes yes, even the vandalism of the premises.

This regime of terror, imposed by a few petty despots, has always taken place within the walls of the establishment. So it has nothing to do with the woke movement, no offense to some commentators who like to accuse wokes of all evils.

All the same, it’s not normal for a handful of raunchy humanities students to scare those they don’t judge enough on the left. Fear to the point that some think about changing schools.

Safe space

To speak the language woke (lol), the university must be a safe space for the entire student community. The university is, and must remain, a place where people who do not share the same political banner can live together in complete safety.

So whose fault is it? Why is this toxic climate allowed to persist within the Faculty of Human Sciences at UQAM for decades?

We have already said that it had nothing to do with “wokism”. We are talking here about radical individuals who use equally radical means to shut down other students. And, as often, the administration is waiting for the fire to come out.

Why did Magda Fusaro, the rector of UQAM, wait for all the media to get involved before speaking? To chair and represent a university takes time and courage. And, if I look at the list of all the CAs and committees on which she sits as well as her way of leading the file, I would say that Ms. Fusaro lacks both.

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