William Dufour: “Where will it stop? », the wonder of a mother

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Karine Côté is proud (the word is weak) of her son. With reason.

“She often sees stuff before I even see it on Twitter and Instagram, and she sends it to me. My title of player of the week, it is she who taught it to me this week”, revealed Wednesday the top scorer and scorer of the QMJHL.

“It can’t stop. As soon as there is something, he does one more thing, then another and another. Where will it stop? “, marveled the 47-year-old mother, on the eve of learning of the contracting of Dufour by the Islanders.

Her “big ti-loup”, as she likes to lovingly nickname him in private and in her tweets – “It’s always been ‘ti-loup’, but at some point, […] at 6’3”, he is no longer small…” – has probably not finished providing him with content.

The recent holder of the Saint John Sea Dogs team records for goals and points in a season that belonged respectively to Mike Hoffman and Jonathan Huberdeau, Dufour has five games left to solidify his hold on them, for the instant set at 52 goals and 109 points.

“He might be able to finish first scorer in Canada for goals,” his No. 1 fan remarked to the author of his lines. It is indeed within the realm of the possible. While the regular schedules have already been wrapped up in the OHL and WHL, Dufour is currently tied with Ben King of the Red Deer Rebels, and trailed only by Luke Evangelista of the London Knights and his 55 goals.

Like her son, Ms. Côté is however quick to point out that goals and points are good, but that the President’s Cup and the Memorial Cup would be much better.

“He said it in an interview yesterday (Tuesday at Radio-Canada, you were told that she reads everything…). Yes, he has all that, but if he doesn’t have both trophies at the end, he’s going to be missing something. »

As a member of the host team for the next major Canadian event, which will begin on June 20, Dufour is at the very least guaranteed to fight for the Memorial Cup. In front of his mother, he hopes.

“I was there for her”

Recently back from her eighth Saint-John-Quebec round trip of the year, during which she notably surprised William by participating in a ceremony saluting the mark he leaves in the Sea Dogs history book, Ms. Côté will have to wait a bit before getting back in her car for the more than six-hour trip to New Brunswick.

On May 3, she will undergo a total hysterectomy, a preventive surgery that she chose to move forward in order to be back in time to experience her favorite Memorial Cup journey, well seated in the stands of the TD Station.

“The playoffs start on May 5. According to my doctor, it is certain that for the first round, I will not be able to make the six hours of road. […] It is certain that at the Memorial Cup, we will be there all along. That, too, is going to be another beautiful moment. »

In victory as in defeat, she promises to be there to support her William. Just as he was there, 2 years to the day tomorrow, to shake his hand when the news of a breast cancer diagnosis turned their lives upside down.

“We got really close. I was there for her, I helped her in what she fought through all her illness,” Dufour recalled.

“Besides, I was moving ten days later. Let’s say it was a big spring/summer in 2020. He was the one who took care of all the moving because I couldn’t force it. The morning that I returned to the hospital to have my operation, he was with the painter at the condo to explain everything to him. At 19, that’s a lot, but he was able to handle it all. »

The pandemic having at least had that good, Dufour was then able to watch over his mother during the month that followed. Now recovered from this ordeal and free of any trace of recurrence of the disease, Ms. Côté will not be able to count on the care of her son when she should return home on May 4, the day after her hysterectomy. Dufour will then be on the eve of beginning an eliminatory course which he wishes to be long and crowned with success for his Sea Dogs.

“The day she is going to have surgery, I will think of her. I have 100% confidence in medicine and what they are going to do. I just can’t wait for this to be over. »

Until then, Dufour will battle with Canadian hopeful Joshua Roy for the title of 2021-2022 top scorer on the Courteau circuit. The 20-year-old striker, a pick of 5and round of the Islanders in 2020, holds a point lead over the star player of the Sherbrooke Phoenix, who also has five games to play before the playoffs.

“The statistics, of course I look at it from time to time. It’s a fight with Josh at the top; We’ve been swapping first place for two or three weeks, it keeps changing. Yesterday (Tuesday), I had no points, but we had the victory against Sherbrooke, which is a big power in the league. In the end, it was the victory that mattered. »

It was then a tenth win in a row for the Sea Dogs, a second streak of its kind this season for a club that is gaining momentum at the best of times. Less than two weeks before the playoffs, his first on the ice since he played four games in his rookie season with the Chicoutimi Saguenéens, Dufour has already adopted the language of circumstances and obviously swears to focus on the success of his team rather than personal honours.

“I don’t have a lot of playoff experience, but I think I have enough in this league. I have seen some games series in my life, so I know what it takes to get to the end. »

To be continued, you know where.

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