Vin Diesel accused of being a diva on the set of Fast and Furious 10

The release date is known, it is May 19, 2023 that Fast and Furious 10 will be released in cinemas. Unless… We just found out, the director Justin Lin finally decided to slam the door of the film in the middle of filming. In question ? He would be tired of the deplorable behavior of Vin Diesel (Dom), who would take himself for the chef on the set.

A few days ago, we learned with surprise the departure of director Justin Lin from the project. Fast and Furious 10, even though filming had just begun. A real shock in the universe of the franchise as the filmmaker has left his mark on it by signing 5 of his films since 2006, but a situation that was obviously inevitable.

Vin Diesel, a deplorable attitude on the sets of Fast 10 ?

In question ? According to the first revelations made in the press in the USA, it is rumored that Justin Lin simply could no longer stand the behavior of Vin Diesel – the interpreter of Dom and true star of the saga. “Diesel arrives late on sets, he does not know his lines and he appears physically out of shape“, in particular revealed a source to the New York Daily News.

Remarks that echo the complaints of Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs) in 2016, his former partner on the films, punctuated by a “No one wants to attack Vin Diesel officially, but everyone knows” from the Daily News source, which suggests that the actor would be all-powerful on the set and therefore rain or shine.

Justin Lin tired of the actor’s behavior

Faced with such revelations, the Universal studio has already tried to put out the fire by declaring to the Hollywood Reporter, “All of the creative disputes that led to Justin Lin’s departure were with the studio, but never with a producer or cast member.“. A credible version? Not really if we are to believe the newspaper’s own sources.

According to the Hollywood Reporter – very serious media, Lin would have had a “major disagreement” last April 23 with Vin Diesel during a small committee meeting. Tired of seeing the actor spend his time rewriting the story and giving him notes/directives, the director would have simply slammed the door . “Justin finally had enough and said, ‘This movie doesn’t deserve to damage my sanity.‘” revealed a source. Two days later, he reached an agreement with Universal to leave his position.


Too much power in the hands of Vin Diesel?

An unexpected clash in the eyes of the public, but not surprising for the people involved in the project. According to these, Vin Diesel – aware of what reports Fast and Furious at Universal, would now have immense power over this saga and would take advantage of it to do what he wants. “Our sources tell us that screenwriters often write action scenes for Diesel before seeing him say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to them, leaving it up to the director to make them workable. Or not, if Diesel finally changes his mind, reveals the newspaper. “The overall process is a mosaic that keeps changing“, would have added a source.

For the time being, Vin Diesel – yet accustomed to social networks, has not yet reacted to these articles. On the other hand, after several days of uncertainty, the filming of Fast 10 will be able to resume following the recruitment of Louis Leterrier (The Transporter, Elusive, Clash of the Titans) in place of Justin Lin. Hoping now that things will go better for the Frenchman, who has already experienced a complicated shoot on Grimsby: Agent Too Special in 2016, again because of an actor who was too powerful and tensions with the studio.

(Quentin Piton for PureBreak)


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