Journey to the bottom of the sea with the PLQ

In my time in politics, I’ve heard more than my share of empty speeches, vague answers, and empty interviews.

But the remarks that Michelle Setlakwe, the Liberal candidate for Mont-Royal–Outremont, made on Patrick Masbourian’s program, on the airwaves of Ici Première the day before yesterday, deserve a special prize.

It’s Everest from the bottom.

Even James Cameron’s submarine has never ventured into such dizzying abysses.

The animator himself seemed dumbfounded by such a void.


Masbourian asks Ms. Setlakwe why she ran under the PLQ banner.

“Ah, for me, it went without saying, it shouldn’t surprise anyone, I’ve been a liberal all my life, I grew up in a liberal family, and the older I get, and I see everything that’s going on in the world, the more connected I am to the liberal values ​​of inclusion…”


“Can you tell me a bit more about these liberal values ​​of inclusion? asks the facilitator, good prince. What do you want to say ? »

(It looked like a lifeguard diving fully clothed into a swimming pool to save a drowning woman in both feet…)

Response from the candidate: “We live in an environment where diversity, for me, is our wealth, in Mont-Royal–Outremont, but also in Montreal and then in the rest of Quebec, which is the wealth of society. , it is its diversity…”


Lifeguard Masbourian watches the Liberal candidate desperately gasping for air on the edge of the romper. Listening only to her courage, he decides to give her word of mouth.

“OK… Does its linguistic diversity also make it rich? he asks Mrs. Setlakwe, in the tone of a teacher talking to a six-year-old child.

” Yes. [Silence] Yes. Our… our great wealth is the French language, but, uh, we have to be open to the world if we want our children to learn other languages. »

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When Patrick Masbourian asks the talkative Liberal candidate what she thinks of Law 96, she replies:

“The bill is worth debating, it goes, it goes, it goes far, and it violates the rights of certain minorities, it is worth talking about, but listen, I did not go in politics just to talk about that, I entered politics for many other reasons…”

When Masbou asks her what these reasons are, the lady talks about the decline in purchasing power, a social scourge that is hitting the residents of Mount Royal and Outremont hard.

At the end of this short interview, Masbourian (happy to finally be able to move on to a more interesting subject, like the weather or traffic): “What do you say to traditional liberal voters who think they are voting for another party?

– Come back to the fold! I like it when our leader says that the Liberal Party is the big tent under which everyone has their place…”


I tell you that it’s fueled, at the PLQ!

This way, the big sizes!

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