The CAQ is very electoralist, says Régis Labeaume

The attitude of Prime Minister François Legault at the foundations of the Union of Quebec Municipalities is that of an electoral leader, according to Régis Labeaume.

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In an interview on the program “Le Bilan”, the former mayor of Quebec commented on the dispute between the current mayor, Bruno Marchand, and Mr. Legault about the 3rd link.

According to Mr. Labeaume, this difference of opinion between the two politicians stems from the electoral base of the party of François Legault.

“The CAQ’s clientele is a peripheral clientele. It’s not a downtown clientele. It’s a regional clientele, ”says Régis Labeaume.

And according to the latter, the CAQ is stepping up its efforts to please no one.

“They are very voting and election oriented. You have to accept losing votes when you are in politics, but they have not yet accepted that, ”says the former mayor of Quebec.

Nevertheless, the retired politician remains convinced that the CAQ and François Legault will long remember the statements and current positions of the mayors.

“They’re going to turn their backs until the elections, but I’m sure they’re taking notes (…) They’ll remember it after the elections,” says Régis Labeaume.

“I worked for 4 years with them, I’m starting to know them,” he adds.

To see the full interview, watch the video above.

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