What the platform still has in store for you as a surprise for the month of May 2022!

Here are the new Netflix releases scheduled for this month of May. Titles not to be missed in any case!

Like any other streaming platform, Netflix is ​​planning to release a slew of new titles for the next few days! And the month of May is notably that of adding several new series and films. Decidedly, it is not the content that is lacking.

You should also know that among all these new features, you can find programs of all kinds! Whether it’s feature films centered on love or science fiction, or even enriching and inspiring documentaries. Without further ado, discover in the following lines all these titles not to be missed on the platform at the big N!

Netflix: these essential series not to be missed!

For science fiction lovers, know that Netflix has released a famous feature film full of action as you like them. It is The Pentaverate. A secret society is threatened by a strange organization. The Canadian journalist, Ken Scarborough therefore sets off on an adventure to do his investigation. This feature film is currently available on the platform!

The list of novelties continues with the essential The Sound Of Magic. With the crazy success amassed by Squid Game, here is a South Korean work that you must also watch! Between magic, romance and fantasy, this Netflix program will take you into a melancholic and breathtaking universe! Not to miss !

42 days of darkness is finally available on Netflix. The viewers have been waiting for it for so long! The famous explosive thriller finally arrives! If you like thrillers, go for this one! Embark on a stressful atmosphere with Cécilia who goes in search of her missing sister! Also note that this feature film is based on real events!

And here is a new Netflix series release that should catch your attention! You loved The Penthouse Where sky castle ? Know that Savate Beauty will take you into the same delirium! Between power, manipulation and suspense, this soap opera will give you chills. The reason ? The characters play their roles perfectly throughout the series!

The list continues…

For May 13, these are two great titles that Netflix has planned to release! There will be “Le Touche-à-tout” and “La Défense Lincoln” ! Exceptional series that you surely should not miss! We can say that the streaming giant has decided to spoil science fiction fans! You guessed it, go for these two programs if you love content like this!

Also on May 13, Netflix released the first season of the series Neumatt. A title, which, moreover, is eagerly awaited by the subscribers of the platform! After the death of his father, Michi Wyss will have to return to the family farm. A radical change that prompted him to put his life on hold! Now on her own, she must make the appropriate decisions to best ensure her family’s future!

Among the novelties of Netflix, there will also be Interviews ! Tirso Abantos’ life will be turned upside down after the sudden arrival of his rebellious little girl, Irene. You should also know that “Our Blue” will finally be available on the platform from May 21. South Korea is all about movie production right now! This title is not to be missed!

From May 18, discover the last season of the essential series Who killed Sarah?. Let yourself be carried away in an intriguing atmosphere but above all full of twists and turns. The long-awaited truth will finally come to light! The mystery will be solved very soon! Fans will know this famous truth that they have been waiting for since the end of the previous season!

Netflix: new documentary releases

Panic at the Central takes us back to March 1979 to the terrible disaster that unfolded in Pennsylvania. This Netflix documentary series will be made up of archive footage from these accidents! However, it is better to abstain if you are of a sensitive nature. Some sequences seem to be “shocking”!

But that’s not all, the long list continues with “The G System or the Art of Governing” as well as “Wild Babies”. New documents not to be missed on Netflix! If you like enriching content, those where you can learn from it! Well, you are strongly suggested to take a look at these two programs.

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