New texting fraud in Quebec: three people were caught there in three days

A new text message fraud is appearing on the territory of Quebec: three people have already been cheated since the beginning of the week.

In this new scheme observed in Quebec for a few days, criminals send text messages to their victims to let them know that they have failed to pay for statements of offense which would have been given to them by various police forces in the province. . A link to pay the fine by credit card is provided in the messages.

“At no time should you access the payment link and transmit your credit card information,” says Sandra Dion, spokesperson for the Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ).

Mme Dion points out that police organizations never operate in this way to charge for tickets.

The scheme has already claimed three victims who have filed complaints in the region since Monday. Each lost over a hundred dollars. Several other reports were also sent to the SPVQ.

“You really have to be careful and you have to denounce the situation when you witness it,” said Dio.

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