His former coach accuses him of fraud and films their settling of accounts

Is the wheel starting to turn for Dylan Thiry? The reality TV candidate had to confront his former coach, who has been asking him for the money he owes him for weeks. The latter filmed the entire scene, which he posted on social networks.

Dylan Thiry is currently being talked about for reasons that would have gone well. The young man is indeed accused of embezzling funds from humanitarian associations of which he made himself the ambassador. After having collected thousands of euros directly transferred to the bank account of one of his companies, Dylan Thiry would never have sent the money to the various organizations.

Dylan Thiry @ Instagram

And apparently, the one who recently clashed Magali Berdah is also struggling to keep his other commitments. This Thursday, May 19, the sports coach known under the nickname @hcoaching on social media revealed that Dylan Thiry had tried to scam him. Enough to piss off the athlete, who had no intention of stopping there:

I said to him: “You and me, it’s over. On the other hand, you will pay me for my two days of coaching”. He replies: “I shared your story so you owe me 2000 euros. “I’ll show you who you’re dealing with.

And these were not empty words.

An inevitable face-off

To better prepare before his fight against Benjamin Samat, Dylan had used the services of the coach who calls himself H and who lives in Dubai. Only, the Luxembourger would have started to turn a deaf ear when it was necessary to settle the bill. Enough to push H to go after him to claim his due. And the video of their electric reunionfilmed without the knowledge of the ex of Fiji Ruiz, was published on social networks:

You’re feeling good ? Are you okay with what you do? You fucked me, bro, you broke your word! You touched on my personal integrity.

Uncomfortable and caught off guard, we can hear Dylan Thiry defending himself weakly:

Me, in my head, I don’t feel like I’m fucking you…

He replied, without much conviction.

But H will not have taken this step in vain. A few minutes later, he affirmed that the debt had been honored:

I told you he was going to pay one day… It’s paid! I saw him at Binous and I think he understood. This young man can’t tell right from wrong. It’s unfortunate but it’s a truth.

Explained the coach, who was however not finished with Dylan Thiry.

“He did not deny the facts”

Once back at his home, H grabbed his phone again to go over the incident and throw embarrassing files on the amateur boxer. Because if the coach was able to recover his money, others will, on the other hand, definitely draw a line under it:

As you can see, my honor has been repaired. In front of me, he did not deny the facts. But what is even more serious is when I told him that he owed 150,000 euros. He looks at me and says nothing to me… The money he owed me, he paid me. But now you know he didn’t send the money he was supposed to give to the association for the Palestinians. The file is closed.

This is not the first time that Dylan Thiry has been accused of fraud. At the end of 2019, he and Fiji, his partner at the time, praised the merits of 21podsheadphones similar to AirPods of the brand Apple.

Dylan Thiry and Fiji Ruiz
Dylan Thiry and Fiji Ruiz @ Instagram

However, several customers have complained of never having received them, even though they had indeed been debited for an amount of €69.90. The couple then found themselves at the heart of a small controversy when it was later revealed that the merchant site of 21pods belonged to Dylan Thiry.

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