Joy, Johnny Hallyday’s daughter shares a moving snapshot on the web!

Joy, the youngest daughter of Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday has just shared a shock photo on her Instagram, here she is excluded.

Johnny Hallyday was a legend of French rock, but also in the world. The latter died in 2017, leaving many people in despair. Especially his daughter Joy, who recently shared a heartbreaking moment!

Johnny Hallyday, a legend gone too soon?

It’s a name that all French people knew, whether they were younger or older.

Indeed, Johnny Hallyday is a legend of French song who made himself known many years ago. This artist managed to make a name for himself fairly quickly and to make it last over the years.

For this, you should know that Johnny Hallyday is today an icon of music, in particular thanks to his many songs that have made the whole of France dance. Amassing millions of fans throughout his career, he was loved and appreciated for his charisma, voice and presence.

But at the time of his death, he left many secrets behind. Indeed, he notably left connections and private secrets during this event.

Often close to his children, he had welcomed Jade and Joy with his former companion Laeticia Hallyday. But the latter, who has remained silent for all her years, recently shared a heartbreaking moment.

Joy leaves a shock message to her father, Johnny Hallyday!

She is one of the girls that the singer adopted with his girlfriend Laeticia Hallyday. But since the death of her father, the latter has remained quite discreet on the issue and has rarely had the opportunity to share tributes to her late father.

It must be said that the media pressure brought by his father surely scared him. It is not easy for her to face the paparazzi and the various questions raised by the death of her late father.

At the funeral of the latter, this was particularly clear, with a sober tribute, but just as important for the fans and the family of the latter. Thus, you should know that it is possible to see certain tributes paid by her to Johnny Hallyday, but in a much more sober way.

Thus, it has now been four years since the singer and famous star left us. Many fans wanted to pay tribute to him, thus honoring the legend that he was.

In addition, every year, thousands of fans visit his grave, which increases the enthusiasm around this character. This allows us to realize that this music legend is not yet dead in the hearts of millions of French people.

The two children of the legend pay tribute to him on social networks, as recently, when the young Joy decided to post a photo with his father, in his arms: “My father and I, we are so similar. I love you “.

A tribute well received by the fans!

As with every tribute to the French music legend, it looks like this one was extremely well received.

In particular because we see the latter highlighting the protective and father aspect of this legend.

For this, it is necessary in particular to know that the whole community of the young woman greatly appreciated this photo. In particular his mother, who left him a very long message, in order to highlight his satisfaction with this tribute.


Thus, Laeticia Hallyday declares the following: “You look so much like him and you carry within you his most beautiful values ​​and his unconditional love forever. He gave you so many things. And he would be so proud today to see you playing the guitar with so much passion and determination. He will never stop guiding you. This love that no one can ever steal from you, my angel.

But later, the former girlfriend of Johnny Hallyday left a rather disturbing message, which cast doubt among his fans: “Despite the lies, the hatred and the resentment of the beings who abandoned us. Love will always be stronger than anything”.

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