Angry with his girlfriend, he destroys $ 5 million in works of art and artifacts

A man broke into the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) on Wednesday night in Texas and destroyed valuable artifacts and artwork worth more than US$5 million because he was mad at his girlfriend.

Dallas police say Brian Hernandez, 21, smashed the front door by throwing a metal chair through the window.

He then grabbed antiquities from the Roman and Greek exhibits and threw them on the ground where they erupted, CNN reports.

The two most valuable destroyed items were a 6th century Greek amphora and a pot dating from 450 BC. J. -⁠C., around the time of the Peloponnesian War, according to Global News.

Courtesy Dallas Museum of Art

The young man would also have destroyed a kylix (a Greek cup used to drink wine), dating from 550 BC. JC.

On this cup was painted a scene representing Hercules killing the Nemean Lion.

Courtesy Dallas Museum of Art

“This was an isolated incident perpetrated by a single individual, with no intent to steal artwork or any other items on display in the museum,” the DMA said in a statement.

When museum security guards finally found Brian Hernandez, he allegedly told them that he “got mad at his girlfriend, so he came in and started destroying everything,” according to documents recounting his arrest.

Courtesy Dallas Museum of Art

Museum director Agustín Arteaga confirmed to Fox 7 that the girl in question was not a museum employee.

The thug is charged with mischief over $300,000 and could be sentenced to five years in prison.

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