Demonstration to prevent the closure of a dog park in Quebec

More than 70 people gathered on Saturday, to demonstrate against the impending closure of their neighborhood dog parkin Quebec.

Saint-Yves Park, which was the subject of a formal notice and noise complaints earlier this year, was the gathering place for several local dog owners.

However, the City of Quebec made the decision to put an end to the project.

Users lament the closure of the park, as it is a place for them to socialize with other owners. The protesters made a human chain around the park to prove their displeasure.

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“Here, it’s like a sociable side that we need, like for people who go to pétanque or to the swimming pool,” said Nicole, 77, a faithful user of the dog park.

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“We see everyone who is here today, it’s really unifying for the community,” added another master present for the event.

The City’s response to the protest should be heard in the coming days.

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