here are the good reflexes to have in the event of a bite!

Ticks are scary because they can trigger Lyme disease. At the slightest doubt of a bite for humans and dogs, we must react.

Everything you need to know about the before and after passage of ticks

On the web, specialists are sounding the alarm. As summer approaches, everyone dreads the appearance of pests. In this article, Objeko specified a useful object to ward off flying insects such as mosquitoes. Unfortunately, if it has proven itself indoors, in the middle of nature, it is not certain that this famous electronic racket works on ticks. In fact, hidden in the forests or the meadows of France, those who are carriers of Lyme disease are panicking. To find out for sure, our team conducted the investigation. After giving details on the localization, we will obviously come back to the bites. Unlike the others, there is a whole protocol to follow. Here we go, follow the guide!

Where are ticks found?

Thanks to the participation of several organizations, this map should help us see things more clearly. If you live near a green region, you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if it is orange or red, you must take the lead to protect yourself from ticks. The subject is so vast that we don’t know where to start.

If you fled the capital for the south of France, it is undoubtedly in the hope of having another quality of life. Now you feel safe, miles away from the gloom and pollution of Paris. Unfortunately, despite the rise in temperatures, the massive presence of ticks becomes a concern. During your family outings, you fear that one of your loved ones will escape your vigilance. For the first time, Objeko attempts to ease this tension. Not that we should sink into paranoia. However, a questioning is called for. Note that because of the spread of Lyme disease, the Ministry of Health takes the subject very seriously.

Faced with tick bites, what is the right attitude to adopt?

When our colleagues from The Dispatch ask this health pharmacy manager, there are no four ways. Right in his boots, he reminds us that the basis is to adopt a good dress code. In other words, we must at all costs “try to be covered, especially around the legs ! Unlike bee stings where the pain is almost instantaneous, those of ticks are much more insidious. On the one hand, we do not feel it. Then, in a third of cases, it spreads through the body at the speed of light.

Just returned from an excursion, you must necessarily control every part of your anatomy. Spread the word, ” in the mountains or in the countryside“, there are bound to be places that are more “ at risk ” that others. Count on the locals to give you valuable information. Contrary to what one might think, it is not in their interest to conceal the presence of ticks. It will be understood, one of the main symptoms of the bite is not the itch, but an extreme feeling of fatigue. Moreover, a simple control in pharmacy can make the diagnosis. In the regions concerned, the employees detect the danger in just a few minutes.

Be careful not to…

If you don’t know what a tick tweezer looks like, Objeko has found one. This tool is great for removing the entire insect. Carrying out this delicate manipulation by hand is not without danger. The probability of “leave the rostrum (the head, editor’s note) in the skin” and therefore triggering an infection is to be taken very seriously. Finally, in any case, don’t forget to ” disinfect the wound“.

When ticks attack four-legged friends

Between our friends the dogs and the ticks, it’s g**rre. Indeed, veterinarians deplore that this tiny insect causes significant collateral damage. These include Lyme disease and piroplasmosis. Again, if he accompanies you on the hike, you must perform the same manipulations as for you. See you soon for new adventures!

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