“In ‘Rêvalité’, there will be a piece on Agnès Varda”

Why did you call your disc revality ?

Matthew Chedid – This word is the mixture of dream and reality, because I merge these two worlds permanently. We can’t just be dreamers or realists, we mix the two. My deep nature and the music help me to stay in this “dreaminess”, it’s where I feel the best. For a long time, I have had the chance to live my dreams and to dream my life too. Recently, I saw a short film in which my grandmother [la poétesse Andrée Chedid] explains that poetry is full reality. It’s a good definition of dreaminess, in which we are all, by the way. The little ones experience it daily, because they are even more connected to everything that is dreamlike. The child is the ultimate artist, of course.

Looks like a happy man, right?

Matthew Chedid – It’s true. I must admit. It’s hard to imagine being in today’s world, but let’s say that I feel accomplished in my life, animated by an inner joy. I think spreading well-being is kind of my mission. I am very lucky, and I hope to be aware and grateful enough for it. I try to have some gratitude, by the way, because it would be terrible to think that all of this is normal. It is not at all, and even less so today. As long as it lasts and we can share as much as possible with everyone. I have a good job, but there are plenty of people who do good around them! A good cook, a nurse… Between the Covid and the close conflicts, we have all become aware of a certain number of things recently, and me the first. It makes you want to be more united.

How does M evolve in this new album?

Matthew Chedid – He has always been my superhero, an extension of my imagination, my dream Matthieu, but also my inner child. M is a way of getting back to basics, it’s a single letter, that of love. You could say he is the photograph of my heart. On stage, I wear a frock coat created by Agnès b. and a bright shiny headdress that make me think of Fantasia, Disney, and give a celestial conductor side. I opted for the violet color because I associate reality with red, the color of the sun, of emotion, of fire, of blood. I associate dreams with blue, which is linked to the lunar world, fuzzy, nebulous. When you mix the two colors, you get purple.

Among your musicians, we note the presence of a woman: David Bowie’s bassist!

Matthew Chedid – Gail Ann Dorsey does us the honor of playing with us. Her humility, her grace, her voice and her kindness are incredible. We are like children to have it, and I try to live up to it. You know, I have the cornflake complex » [titre de l’un de ses tubes], even if it’s better because I grew up. But Gail Ann remains impressive.

Are you relieved to be back on the road and at festivals?

Matthew Chedid – I’m like a madman, or rather like a blessed, to have found the team, the musicians and above all, of course, the public. I even have a hard time believing it, it gives me so much joy. Finding filled rooms that are not hidden is a liberation. We are really in this dream, because we have a dream group when I see how it plays. These concerts are a contrast to the previous project, where I was alone in a theatrical performance that I loved. Today, the idea is a return to music, to musicians, to groove, to great sound, to pure, authentic energy. In the end, it’s like a good meal: as long as the products are good, there’s no need to add more.

In concert, how do you transform into a beast of the stage?

Matthew Chedid – I am really galvanized by the energy of the public, it gives me a lot. It’s a bit like in a love story: when you expect nothing, you get more than when you expect too much. You don’t have to wait to receive on stage. It happens very naturally from the moment the energy circulates. I am very alchemist at this level. What I do, consciously or not, is akin to a transmutation of energy. The public leaves with another energy. My duty and that of the musicians is to create a poetic bubble, which is not a luxury today. We all need to breathe, because we are in apnea on many subjects. We need to take artistic oxygen and celebrate childhood, artists, beauty, poetry, joy, communion. I would like us to come out with concerts that are more “dreamy” than rivals.

“I am really galvanized by the energy of the public, they give me a lot”

How do you live your 50 years?

Matthew Chedid – Edgar Morin says that we must never forget that we have all ages within us. It depends on the moments, the mood, the periods, but nothing is set in stone. I am also in the middle, at the center of my life. I had a baby girl when I turned 50. Being a new dad for the third time does not give the choice of being too old! Having children awakens and awakens too. They teach me things that are perhaps more essential than those I teach them. They are in the present moment, in a purity of gaze. My 20 year old daughter, Billie, is present on some backing vocals on the album, but I forced myself to leave her a bit alone so that she could fly on her own and carry out her projects, because I could ask her a lot. more. My son Tao [né en 2019] inspired me the song In the living room while he was in a period where he always asked where his mom or his pacifier were. I am not a cynic, I have a nature quite close to childhood, which perhaps explains why people are always there. When I have fun with my little ones, I’m in tune with them, because we speak the same language: that of purity and imagination.

You are also signing the music for Guillaume Canet’s next film…

Matthew Chedid – Yes, it’s an ambitious project, because it’s not nothing to compose for a film as popular asAsterix. I wink as I appear as the bard’s cousin, played by Philippe Katerine. My name is Remix, world music specialist, and I play really well, so the bard is very proud of me! I also wrote songs that will be released later in new editions of my latest album. The idea was to celebrate cinema. Beyond Felliniwhich is already in revality, there will be a piece on Agnès Varda and on Georges Méliès. It is important to pay homage to these great authentic artists, who belong to my childhood dreams and who have this freedom that we are currently losing a little.

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In the song Naveldo you mention yours?

Matthew Chedid – When you’re an artist, you have to think about yourself, but you have to find a balance. Loving yourself, okay, but if it’s to love others, that’s better. We can realize that his little navel is connected to all the little navels in the world, it’s a way of saying that we are all connected. I have never liked what divides; rivalry is not my thing. I’m more of a person who likes the idea of ​​bringing people together, that’s really what I like.

CD Rêvalité (3ème Bureau/Wagram Music), released on June 3rd. “En rêvalité” tour, until December 23.

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