Environment: the dangerous denial of the CAQ

When we want to solve a problem, we are concerned with the facts. We try to understand the causes. Denial delays the implementation of solutions.

An alarming report

However, this is the dangerous posture favored by the Legault government in the environment. We saw that once again this week, in response to the report of the Commissioner for Sustainable Development.

While Janique Lambert exposes structural problems and presents findings as recent as February 2022, the Minister of the Environment, Benoit Charette, falsely claims that “the situation is different today”.

This report reports on the lack of transparency, indicators and adequate targets concerning more than five billion dollars intended to finance the fight against climate change and for which no assessment of effectiveness has been made. This is not the first time that the use of the Green Fund, renamed Electrification and Climate Change Fund, has been severely criticized.

In the words of Johanne Whitmore of HEC Montréal: “It’s like accepting that a financial advisor invests our money in an investment fund without worrying about monitoring returns. »

Thus, despite the billions spent, the commissioner’s report indicates that Quebec is not on track to achieve its climate targets.


If the government recognized the climate emergency, it would scrutinize all its decisions for their impact on the environment.

Sustainable mobility would become a priority. We would invest a lot more in active and public transportation. Not in the sprawl, like with the third link.

The government would apply the polluter-pays principle through real ecofiscal measures. It would be fair, since the rich really pollute more.

We would focus on the circular economy and the reduction of material consumption.

We would legislate so that construction and renovation make our buildings more eco-efficient. Etc.

In short, it is not the solutions that are lacking, but a recognition of the urgency. The CAQ must come out of this dangerous denial.

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