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One day, we will have to recognize its astonishing value well and better, and that day may be closer than we think. Will we see him with a Stanley Cup at arm’s length? It’s been almost forty years that Gerard Gallant, the little guy from Prince Edward Island, rolls his bump in the NHL.

As a player, as an instructor or as an assistant, Gallant is a real hockey machine. He analyzes, he teaches, he demands and he obtains.

Gallant had just turned 17 when he arrived in Sherbrooke during the heyday of the Castors, and in his first season, he exceeded 100 points. Those who played against him will remember that. They must have been pinched more than once along the ramp. He was stiff and didn’t back down from anyone.

Not a word of French, discreet, even erased, but how effective on the ice. This is what he asks and asks again of his players when he leads. No cheaters on board.

Lightning players wonder what happens to them after two straight losses to the Rangers. It happens to them that their rivals bought Gallant’s game plan. Tampa is not out of the woods.

In 2018, Gallant pulled off a tour de force by leading the Vegas Golden Knights to the Stanley Cup Finals in their very first NHL season. Everyone was on their backs, but not Gallant. It was no coincidence. Since we fired him, Vegas is no longer among the best, there are no more miracles.

Last year, the New York Rangers were unable to make a playoff berth. This year, under Gallant, the same club appears to be heading to the Grand Finals.

During his Major Junior stint with the Saint John Sea Dogs a dozen years ago, Gallant and his players won the Memorial Cup, twice the President’s Cup, and Gallant himself was chosen best instructor on the circuit twice in three years.

By the way, Gerard Gallant was in our backyard for two seasons as an assistant with Michel Therrien, 10 years ago.


Gallant has a bad temper, but he knows the job. He was cavalierly dismissed in Miami and Vegas, but he always reappears because we know and recognize his competence. The results are in.

He wore the colors of the Detroit Red Wings for nine years and he could do everything on the ice. Scoring goals, applying toughness, standing out defensively…a team player. Today, it informs and educates.

Ironically, he’s played his last two National League seasons with the Tampa Lightning, the team he’d like to get out of the picture this week. Gerard will not be very Gallant.

From the enclave

  • Roland Garros was he a great tennis player? No, nothing to see. He was a French war pilot, who died in aerial combat in 1918. He was the first to cross the Mediterranean by air. Excellent cyclist, good soccer player and talented pianist. In tennis, like you and me.
  • I will never erase the last text messages exchanged with Guy Lafleur.
  • For his knee Carey Price consults doctors in New York and Pittsburgh. Montreal? Not trust ?


Photo archives, Martin Alarie

  • The Bill Masterton trophy to a guy who played five games. As they say at the French Academy: “J’la pogne pas!” »
  • Good idea ! Next Thursday is the Golf & Gastronomy tournament for the Honoré-Mercier Hospital Foundation (Saint-Hyacinthe). Honorary Presidents: Serge Savard and Marcel Gagne from the local Canadian Tire. Auctioneer: Yvon Lambert and his hammer. Phew!
  • Adorable and brilliant the slogan of outfitters in Quebec: “Generous by nature”.
  • I hope you are enjoying the Fête de la Pêche in Quebec. It ends today this brilliant idea to allow fishing without a license, to learn.
  • Tomorrow, Ron Fournier and its celebrities will be part of the Serge-Lemieux Golf Classic to benefit the Fondation de l’Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne. A very popular event on the Pinegrove course.
  • How long do you think it will take to get the Canadiens back on track? In my opinion, at least five years.
  • Happy retirement to Russell Martin after an outstanding major league baseball career. Finally, in the summer, he will be able to go and see Mama in sunny Paris. Did you know that Russel’s father played the saxophone in the Montreal metro to pay for his son’s studies?


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