Our coach Mitch talks to us about the many reasons for good and bad player development.

What’s up la gang and welcome back to the bench with Mitch. Raise your hand if you thought the Rangers would be up 2-0 against Tampa Bay. Please tell me about the playoffs, we have quite a show.

Before starting my column, I would like to take the time I have with this forum, on my behalf and on behalf of DansLesCoulisses, to send our most sincere condolences to my couple of friends, Kevin and Sophie. We are all heart with you.

What a beautiful and difficult question, but here I go. The 5 easily moveable names are Hoffman, Armia, Gallagher, Byron and Drouin. You have to understand 2 things before going any further. Which player does the Canadian want to go up in the depth chart and in which position and/or situation?

In the sense that if you get a top-6 player up, but you play him on a 4th line with few minutes, you’re better off keeping any player up there. If you want to bring depth, you have to make sure that the youngster is ready, in a situation where he can help the team and also, in a situation that he will accept.

Armia is a name that makes us cringe most of the time. He is capable of the best and the worst. Look at last year’s playoffs where not long ago, WC. He is able to be dominant using his size and shot. However, it seems that in the season he doesn’t always have the same desire, but having his line changed and not always playing with talented players could be a reason for it all. For my part, with the toilets he has known, if its value is up, I exchange it and take advantage of it.

Gallagher, I love him and I can’t see myself exchanging him, I also believe he will bounce back next season. His heavy contract for performance below expectations means that if we trade him, the return is likely to be disappointing. Losing a leader also always hurts. No touch yet for me.

Hoffman is a hot potato and I wouldn’t hesitate to let him go. Very good offensively, his shortcomings under pressure and his defensive game mean that sometimes I would rather see a young person in his place and build confidence with a young person who has the CH tattooed on his heart.

The last 2, Byron and Drouin. For Byron, will he play again, that is the question. The injuries in recent years seem to be catching up with him slowly and at the salary he has, for his role in a team. He could leave his place. Drouin, does he want to be in Montreal again? There is the question. I believe that he alone will decide his future, both on and off the ice.

If the opportunity arises, yes you have to do it. Quite simply, how many number 1 goaltenders in the NHL are actually number 1? To ask the question is to answer it. Then, a goalkeeper, it takes time to develop and not because he comes out in the first round that is a guarantee of success.

This season, the Canadiens have 7 picks in the first 3 rounds and 4 in the first 3 rounds next year if the Oilers pick remains in 2022. Not sure who will take over in the short term to replace Carey Price , take a goalkeeper with several choices, I say yes.

I have had the chance to speak regularly with Bob Hartley since my time in Russia. He has advised me on several things. I loved talking to him and sharing our experiences in KHL. For Florida, or any other NHL team, I don’t think he’s going to accept an offer in the short term. He seems to still have the fire, but mostly wants to enjoy the family (just like me) being so far from the family and during the COVID-19, not obvious.

I wouldn’t like to see him go to Florida, because he might win the Cup there, because he’s won everywhere he’s been, and I don’t really want to see Florida win haha.

I wish I could tell you a specific name, but I can’t. My knowledge in the late round is by no means sharpened.

I’ll answer you in one sentence. Find me who was combined in the last few years and who, after, was drafted in the 5-6-7th round? So, no, not really. On the other hand, many are against the idea of ​​combining and physical tests, which for some, does not really represent something related to hockey, but good.

For me, the combination and having had the chance to do it with Team Quebec, it is above all a privileged moment to have the best players in the same place and at the same time. To be able to simplify meetings with organizations and see their adoption during the weekend, their behavior and really, spy on them from A to Z.

After all, organizations are going to spend a fortune to coach the player as best as possible so that he can become an impact player, so normal to make sure everything is correct. Same principle when you want to buy a Ferrari, you will look at it from A to Z and ask a lot of questions and not just, buy it and leave with it.

It’s mainly the interviews that will change the perception or not, because you really have a “feel” with the player, with the trick questions that sometimes can move the player up a few places in your list or move him back.

How many times do we hear that the draft is an inexact science? We see it more and more. Goalies drafted later who have a better career than first-round goalies. 7th round players who play in the NHL and 3rd round players who will never play. To have THE answer to the question, I would be a billionaire, because all the teams in the world would like my knowledge and sincerely, I would not write it here.

We take Yakupov’s year, he didn’t have the biggest hockey sense, but he had quite a shot and that was his strength. His adaptation to the NHL has been very painful in a team that has proven time and time again that development can be difficult. There are also years, like this year, that the draft just isn’t super good.

We were talking that if Galchenyuk hadn’t been injured, he could have come out first. You just have to look at the statistics to see that Galchenyuk is the 5th best player in his class. We tend as followers to overlook several factors in life in order to be successful.

The young players are being drafted on the eve of their eighteenth birthday in the NHL Draft. From that moment, their life changes completely, especially for the first-round players. Their friends change, and not always for the right reason(s), and sometimes there are a lot more negatives than positives. The agents can be a source of distraction too, but fortunately, more often positively to properly supervise the players and the family, give them a follow-up and good directives.

Which is the opposite and sometimes disappointing at a young age. Speaking of friends and agents, many people can have influence on a 17-18 year old, which can make him doubtful in his selection of life choices. And when I talk about life choices, I’m talking about what he decides to do when he’s not at the arena, when he gets his paycheck and during the summer.

It is not surprising to sometimes see players having poor money management. Who doesn’t have poor money management at 17? Renting a big house on the edge of the beach, because it’s cool and continuing to go out with friends instead of going to the gym and paying attention to their tool, their body. So already there, we see several factors that can make a player succeed or fail. And if that person wasn’t a hockey player, well, the result would be the same.

Now the team. The team has a very, but very big importance also in the, if the player will succeed or not. In the sense that what will be the framework after the repechage. What will be the follow-up at the junior level by the professional team? The team has a big share.

Will there be daily supervision? This is also what differentiates good organizations from others. The subject rendered here is much more complex and much more structured, but the teams must maximize the supervision of the players, not only on the ice, but off the ice. Question that the player concentrates on being a professional hockey player and that he can learn about adult life, with well-placed people with good intentions.

This concludes my column. Do not hesitate to follow me on social networks and come and talk to me @Mitch_Giguere. I am very sociable and I love to talk about hockey. So we say see you next week with a new column and new questions. Feel free to ask questions on just about any topic. Thank you all.

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