The winner of La Voix 2020 wishes to pursue her studies in medicine

Big winner of the 2020 edition of La Voix, Josiane comes to us with a first single with inspiring lyrics and a catchy melody. If the title of the song is Last in Line, this is certainly not the case of the singer-songwriter and future medical student in view of her talent!

Josiane, you won The voice in 2020. Then, as your career took off in early 2021, we found ourselves in the middle of the global pandemic.

When I won The voice, I was floating on a cloud, I was eager to meet the public, to share with them my love for music. Then the covid-19 crisis quickly brought me back to earth. I could have been sad not to take advantage of the momentum created by my victory, but I chose to see the bright side of things instead.

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On October 18, 2020, the candidate for Cœur de pirate experienced strong emotions by winning La Voix!

What have you done in this direction?

First I went through a whirlwind of emotions, then the pandemic allowed me to settle down, to take time for myself, to discover the woman and the artist that I am. As you know, I am originally from Dieppe. In 2021, on each round trip between Quebec and New Brunswick, I had to spend a few days in confinement. It allowed me to find myself alone with myself, and to immerse myself in a writing bubble. I built myself not as a winner of The voicebut simply as Josiane.

We can hear right now Last-in-Lineyour first single, on the radio!

I wrote this song right after a studio session, coming back to the hotel. I was so inspired that I came up with the lyrics at lightning speed. In 30 minutes, the tune was over. I was in disbelief when I called my mother to tell her that I had just written my song!

It seems that when you have an idea, you have to seize it right away!

Anyway, that’s how it works for me! I may be doing something else altogether, like walking my dog, but if the inspiration strikes, I’ll come home quickly to write what’s on my mind. If, on the contrary, I get up one morning with the intention of sitting down to write a song, it may be more difficult.

What subjects inspire you?

Last-in-Line tells the story of a girl who regains full control of her life after being fooled by a guy. How she gave everything to him and received nothing in return; she tells him that if he returns, he will be the last in line. My second single, Lose It All, addresses the same theme: choosing oneself, prioritizing oneself, recognizing one’s own value. It’s not selfish to stand up for his person, his ideas. And that’s something I’ve realized in recent years, through my relationships. That’s why it’s in my songs.

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At 20, you show great maturity!

I am someone who analyzes, who thinks too much, I live all my emotions to the fullest. My mother always tells me that I’m too sensitive, but it allows me to compose beautiful songs because it comes from my heart,
of my guts.

Between Dieppe and Montreal, where do you feel most at home?

My little town back home is where I’m studying to go into medicine. In Montreal, it’s the big city, the music, the studio recordings… and the fines because I don’t understand how the parking terminals work! (laughs) In Dieppe, I am Josiane the student and in Montreal, Josiane the artist. I lead a double life!

Josiane by the sea, in Dieppe, near where she lives.

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Josiane by the sea, in Dieppe, near where she lives.

You finish your premedicine to one day direct you to this field. How are you going to reconcile songs and studies?

It’s a big dilemma, which I try to put off as long as possible. I’ve dreamed of being a singer since I was little and I’ve dreamed of being a doctor since my high school days. Do I have to make a choice? Laurent Duvernay-Tardif has combined football and medical studies! Skater Joanie Rochette began her studies after realizing her Olympic dream.

Two different and inspiring examples!

Exact. I will see where life will take me. Certainly, music will always be part of my life. I sing and I write because it makes me feel good and it creates happiness around me. After finishing my exams and my interviews with the faculty of medicine in Dieppe, I will spend the summer in Montreal to take part in shows and promote my songs. I also look forward to enjoying the city, going to the Osheaga Festival, going out with my friends, going to a restaurant! For the past two years, Montreal has been quiet because of the pandemic, so I haven’t taken enough advantage of the metropolitan excitement.

Your adorable dog, which we can see on your social networks, will he accompany you to Montreal this summer?

My beautiful Lou, my little cockapoo, whom I adopted at the very beginning of the pandemic! When I’m in Montreal, I miss her a lot. This summer, I’m going to try to find a way to bring her with me, because I can’t go two months without seeing her. After music, my dog ​​is what gives me the most happiness in life.

Pictures: Instagram

His song Last in Line is available on all platforms. We learn about his shows on his page Facebook.

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