Blue Bombers 35 — Alouettes 20 | Like a house of cards

The Alouettes keep repeating that they have to learn to finish their games strong in order to win them. Thursday night they had a great opportunity to do so, but they failed miserably.

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Miguel Bujold

Miguel Bujold
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It was tied, 14-14, between the Birds and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers when the 4e quarter began at Percival-Molson Stadium. But after a nice 37-yard catch from Eugene Lewis that would allow his team to attempt a placement, everything fell apart. Like a house of cards.

David Côté first missed a field goal attempt from 50 yards. The Bombers took a 21-14 lead on their next series, then added another touchdown on a 57-yard punt return from Janarion Grant later. They then intercepted two passes from Trevor Harris in the last five minutes of play. Final mark: 35-20 in favor of the double champions, who remain undefeated this season (9-0).


Danny Maciocia’s squad had however played relatively well in the first 45 minutes, especially in defense. But as the match hung in the balance, she collapsed.

“Winnipeg knows how to win. This is a team that never panics. And we’re not that kind of team,” commented Maciocia.


Danny Maciocia

To be a good team, you have to play like a good team. We’re 2-6, so I’m not going to tell you that we have a good team.

Danny Maciocia, head coach and GM of the Alouettes

As has happened too often this season, including last week in Hamilton, the Alouettes missed the opportunity to take a good lead early in the game. Thanks to an interception by Wesley Sutton and a fumble recovered by Nick Usher following a sack by Adarius Pickett, the Alouettes were able to take advantage of good starting positions. But these two series only brought them a total of 3 points.

“When you start two series in good position and you only collect 3 points, it’s unacceptable,” said Trevor Harris, who has never managed to find his rhythm.

He completed 16 of 26 passes for 127 yards, a touchdown and 2 interceptions. Maciocia would not confirm that the veteran passer would be the starter next Thursday in Winnipeg.

“We will have to evaluate everything over the next few days,” said the interim head coach on two occasions. Maciocia also lamented the indiscipline of his players, in particular that of linebacker Tyrice Beverette, who received a costly penalty at 3e quarter.


Tyson Philpot

Maciocia expressed dissatisfaction with virtually all of his player groups when evaluating his team’s play. The GM said he expected better from his receivers, offensive line, defensive line and secondary.

Against a Zach Collaros who played a much better game than the stats say, Noel Thorpe’s defense had 4 turnovers and delivered a performance that kept the Als fighting until 4e quarter.

“It’s a defeat that is difficult to take. We caused 4 turnovers, but we allowed long plays, too, ”summarized Marc-Antoine Dequoy, who managed his third interception of the season, the most spectacular game of the game. The safety snatched the ball from receiver Nic Demski at the Alouettes’ goal line after a long pass from Collaros.


Carlton Agudosi

The Blue Bombers quarterback completed 15 of 26 passes for 210 yards, 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Collaros’ greatest quality is his ability to make the right decisions when the pressure comes on him. He knows when to throw or dispose of the ball, when to hold it and run and when to accept a loss of yards before he makes things worse. A real little general.

Eugene Lewis was once again Montreal’s best offensive player, with 9 catches for 123 yards. Every other player at the club had 11 catches for 80 yards…

The ground game has been called upon a little more than in recent games, but not enough against a defense like the Bombers. Jeshrun Antwi and Tavien Feaster had 15 carries for 68 yards.

A word on Tyson Philpot, who continued to impress. The rookie had a few good punt returns, including a 60-yard one, in addition to scoring a touchdown on offense. Here’s one who should get more playing time on offense. Every time he touches the ball, he causes things. And there are a few too many tourists in this attack, which lacks a dog.

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