Who will be the next Quebec world champion (Chronicle of Jean-Paul Chartrand)

We are entitled to puff out our chests. Quebec has four world boxing champions. Two men, two women. Only the two women were born in Quebec. The two men come to us from Colombia and Russia. But no difference. We love them all with the same intensity.

Congratulations to Oscar Rivas, Artur Beterbiev, Marie-Ève ​​Dicaire and newbie Kim Clavel. Everyone earned their epaulettes. But we must not stop there. We have other pugilists who aspire to high honors.

Who will be the next elected?

That is the question.

Let’s see who our aspirants are:

There are heavyweights Arslanbek Makhmudov (14-0-0, 14 KOs) and Simon Kean, light heavyweight Jean Pascal, super middleweights Christian M’Billi, Erick Bazinyan and David Lemieux, and now Mary spencer.

Let’s go in order of weight…

(1) Arslanbek Makhmudov (14-0.14 KOs)

He is the 6th WBC contender and the 6th WBA contender. He is due in the ring on September 16 against 42-year-old veteran Carlos Takam.

Makhmudov has a remarkable punching power, but how to assess his talent since he has never faced rivals of his class?

BoxRec ranks him as the 28th best heavyweight in the world. It remains to be seen what his promoter wants to do with him. Makhmudov is already 33 years old and he must show that he has the qualities to become champion. To achieve this goal, he must face rivals of his rank, of his class.

His next opponent, Carlos Takam (39-6-1—28 KOs), is certainly experienced, but he is 42 years old. At this age, the legs can fail at any time.

In addition, this Takam has not fought for 13 months now. Each time he faced a class A boxer, he lost by knockout. In his last outing against Joe Joyce, he was knocked out. at the 6th commitment. It was July 24, 2021, at Wembley.

I know it’s not easy to find class rivals and good heavyweights are expensive. Many don’t want to take the chance of sullying their records against boxers of Makmudov’s caliber.

But at the pace his career is going, he’s unlikely to get a championship game anytime soon.

Oldksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua will face each other in a few weeks. Already, Tyson Fury is waiting for the winner. There is also Deontay Wilder who has resumed training. Dillian Whyte is there, as are Joe Joyce, Daniel Dubois and Robert Helenius who goes out of his way to compete against the best.

When will it be Makhmudov’s turn, if any?

Aleksander Makhmudov may have what it takes to be a champion, but with two fights a year he’ll be too old when it comes time to get involved in a championship match unless EOTT pulls a rabbit out of his hat.

Another thing that bothers me about Makhmudov is this nervous tic that makes him move his head almost continuously. Is it a nervous tic? A neurological disorder?

I do not know.

I don’t see him with a world championship belt and yet he is showing encouraging signs.

(2) Simon Kean (21-1-0, 20 KOs)

A big heavyweight who is spectacular every time he takes on a rival. He always puts on a good show.

He is 33 years old and he has never met a top class opponent so far in his career. Besides, he has a vulnerable chin.

Good local boxer, but I doubt he can stand out with the best in his category.

Canadian Champion: Yes…World Champion…NO.

(3) Jean Pascal (36-6-1, 39 KOs)

Sixth IBF contender, 4th WBO contender. Despite his 39 years, Jean Pascal continues to impress the boxing world. Like a phoenix, it always rises from its ashes.

He is one of our best known boxers on the world stage.

The IBF has just offered him a light heavyweight elimination fight against Joshua Buatsi and the winner would then face Artur Beterbiev.

So far so good for Pascal. But if he ever had to face Beterbiev, I think he wouldn’t make the cut.

Such a match would give chills for a few minutes, but eventually Beterbiev would emerge victorious.

Too little too late to become champion again my Jean…

(4th) Christian Mbilli (21-0-0.19 K.-O.)

He swept away everything in his path so far. He is ranked 3rd in the WBC and will face DeAndre Ware on September 9 at the Casino de Montréal.

Ware is not a bad boxer, but he is not of Mbilli’s class.

Unfortunately for the native Cameroonian, he is in a weight class where stars abound. Mbilli therefore finds himself in competition with Gennady Golovkin, Dimitry Bivol, David Benavidez, Jermall Charlo. All brand rivals better known and wealthier than him.

Mbilli has the talent to aspire to major honours, but he is little known on the world stage compared to Canelo’s other rivals.

We already know that Canelo earns between $30 and $40 million per game. So you have to be sure of the market value of the rival and Mbilli is not yet well enough known to generate that much money.

His turn will come. He is young and knows how to wait. He has the qualities of a champion.

(5) David Lemieux (43-5-0, 36 KOs)

For fifteen years, he was the delight of boxing fans in Quebec. He tasted the delights of the champion, but he also experienced the bitterness of defeat in championship matches against Billy Joe Saunders and Gennady Golovkin. Finally, he lowered his flag against David Benavidez who continues to wait on the wing to face Canelo Alvarez.

Lemieux was the “darling” of Quebecers for more than a decade, but today he is only a shadow of himself and it is time he thought about hanging up his gloves for his greatest good. He has given enough.

(6) Erick Bazinyan (28-0-0, 21 KOs)

Through hard work, endurance, will and sweat, Erick Bazinyan managed to earn a place in three of the main boxing associations (5th WBA, 7th WBC, 9th WBO).

Quebec can boast of having two of the best super middleweights in the world. Christian Mbilli comes in 12th place while Erick Bazinyan is installed in 22nd place.

Bazinyan is the guy who is there, ready for anything. He gets the job done and he’s never lost in 28 fights. He is little known on the international scene, but when you are qualified in three associations it is because you are good.

Wherever he has gone, he has emerged victorious and he has come a long way. He went through Quebec, then Edmonton, Las Vegas, Inddio in California, Rimouski, Mexico and Montreal. His arm was raised in victory wherever he performed.

Like Mbilli, he is in a weight category where there are many good boxers. How do you get to the front of the queue, ahead of David Benavidez, David Morrell and Caleb Plant, to name a few?

Fortunately, Bazinyan is still young at 27. So he has plenty of time ahead of him. He has everything to succeed, except that he is not as spectacular as David Lemieux or Christian Mbilli.

If he continues like this, Bazinyan could be world champion before 2024. He has the talent for it.

(7) Mary Spencer (6-0-0, 4 KOs)

The IBF has just named Mary Spencer the first contender for Marie-Ève ​​Dicaire’s world crown. Excellent news, but the confrontation between the two women is far from being in the bag.

It must be remembered that Spencer is in the stable of EOTT while Dicaire is with GYM and unless there is an agreement between the two promoters, there will never be a fight.

The two pugilists have something in common. Both were beaten by Claressa Sheilds. Dicaire among the professionals and Spencer among the amateurs.

Another thing that the two women have in common is age. Dicaire is 36 and Spencer 37. Neither can afford to put off until tomorrow what needs to be done today.

Besides, Dicaire has already hinted that she should think about her future. She certainly has the skills to make her niche in the media, whether on radio or television.

Where is the biggest difference is in the style of the two boxers. Mary Spencer is explosive, spectacular while Dicaire is methodical with an excellent defensive base.

It is unlikely that a fight between the two women will take place in 2022. Already, there is talk of a unification match with Patricia Berghult (15-0-0-3 / K.-O.) and it is possible that the confrontation takes place next fall.

If ever Dicaire were to hand over his crown and retire from competition, there’s a good chance Spencer will take over.

It is she who is closest to a world crown, if ever Dicaire decides to abdicate.

Quick quick quick…

It was with dismay that I learned of the murder of David Lemieux’s father. A gratuitous murder if there ever was one.

I offer my sympathies to David and all the members of his family and like everyone else, I hope that these killings will stop as soon as possible.

Big muscles are great.

The big mirrored wardrobe by the name of Iranian Hulk may be scary to watch with his out-of-the-ordinary superman musculature, but he could only do two minutes in the ring before giving up. to Kazakh heavyweight Titan.

Thurman weighed 192 pounds

Believe it or not, but after his majority decision loss to Manny Pacquiao, Keith Thurman became depressed and his weight “bloated” to 192 pounds.

With a victory in his pocket over Mario Barrios last February, he resumed training and now weighs 171 pounds.

He intends to go up against Danny Garcia at 147 or 154 pounds.

A 19th for Ortiz?

Vergil Ortiz (18-0-0, 18 K.-O.) will try to win a 19th victory by K.-O. in as many fights, this Saturday when he will face Michael McKinson (22-0-0, 2 KOs) in Fort Worth, Texas. He is the first contender to Erroll Spence and holds the same rank with Terence Crawford.

According to Box Rec, he is the 4th best welterweight in the world. As for McKinson, he comes in 12th place.

Happy boxing!

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