David Perron still in shock

The St. Louis Blues decided not to offer David Perron a new contract at the end of last season. So he decided to test the free agent market, where he got along with the Detroit Red Wings. Even though he found a new team, David Perron is still in shock that he hasn’t returned with the Blues, still in shock that they don’t want him anymore.

A few days after announcing his signing with the Wings, David Perron accepted an interview with Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic.

Perron’s big surprise is that even after 11 seasons with the Blues, it ended so abruptly.

“I’m still a bit in shock that it didn’t work out, the way the years have gone by. I guess if you see my performance declining or something, you’re like, “Maybe there’s something here.” It’s still raw for me. I had to let the dust settle and I guess I still have to let that happen.” – David Perron via Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic

What shocks Perron even more is that the Blues have made no real effort to keep him, even after a good season and several other quality ones wearing the blue and yellow jersey.

“They were talking, but it was only to talk. It was never very serious from what I heard from my side. We just hoped to have something to think about. I imagine in contract situations like that, you can talk for a while and eventually there’s an offer and then it’s over in a minute. But it’s not like there’s anything that makes me excited.” – David Perron via Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic

The Blues made several acquisitions on the first day of the free agent market and quickly, there was not a penny left for Perron. It was then that the Quebecer realized that it was really the end.

Perron reportedly received a two-year, $4 million-a-year offer last season, but politely declined since he wanted to stay in St. Louis even longer. And $4 million a year for him would have been slightly insulting in hindsight, especially after a 13-point streak in 12 playoff games, including a series against the Avalanche.

That’s without forgetting his regular season statistics with 27 goals and 30 assists for 57 points in 67 games. Perron has talent, but the Blues didn’t want him anymore. The good news is that the Red Wings are very happy to have an offensive player of his caliber on their roster for a fairly low salary ($4.75 million) considering the amount of points he can produce.

David Perron still tries to take the situation with a laugh. He found it quite strange to buy a Red Wings cap for his son, who began his career as a rival of the same team.

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