Raphaël Doucet joins the La Poche Bleue team

For the past few years, Raphaël Doucet has been an important face in the world of Montreal sports media. After spending several years with Hockey Magazine, he made the leap into the radio world at 91.9 Sports five years ago. Since then, we often hear him during the station’s big shows, but also during the analysis (and, occasionally, the description) of CF Montreal matches.

However, this morning, Doucet published a Tweet in which he claimed that after five great years, he had just received an offer he could not refuse, so he was ending his association with the radio station. Montrealer.

Now, the new challenge in question has just been unveiled: Doucet joins the team of The Blue Pocket as editor-in-chief (the same position he held at Hockey Magazine) and columnist.

Doucet also clarified a little about what his new job will entail: in addition to keeping a blog, he will do field coverage and we will see him as a columnist at La Poche Bleue at noonwhich will be broadcast weekdays on TVA Sports. He will also be present on the Maxim Lapierre and Guillaume Latendresse podcast.

So it’s another big chunk of 91.9 Sports joining the team of The Blue Pocket in a few months. Remember that recently, Stéphane Gonzalez had also decided to join the team, he who will precisely lead La Poche Bleue at noon as well as having his own football podcast.

Clearly, The Blue Pocket continues to add well-known faces in the small world of Montreal sports media and there will be a lot of content produced by the company, and this, via several platforms (blog, podcasts, television show, etc.).

A good catch for the company, therefore, and for the 91.9 Sports, these are big shoes to put on. Can’t wait to see who will replace him, both in terms of analyzing CF Montreal games and in terms of his many responsibilities on a daily basis at the station…

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