Trudeau returns to pragmatism

Something amazing happened this week. Within 24 hours, the Trudeau government officially fell back to earth. It all started with the decision to approve the Bay du Nord oil project in Newfoundland. Then, the tabling of the budget gave him, for the first time since he came to power, a minimum of fiscal responsibility. No … Read more

Morbius slumps at the box office and breaks a sad record for a Marvel hero

After a rather average launch, Morbius continues its momentum with a second catastrophic weekend. Hard blow for Sony and its extended universe projects. Jared Leto is not popular in superheroic universes. After his more than criticized appearance as Joker in suicide squad (and Zack Snyder’s Justice League), his arrival as a Marvel anti-hero did not … Read more

CH: Suzuki and Caufield at the World Championship?

With only a dozen games to play on the National Hockey League (NHL) schedule, some Montreal Canadiens players will be looking to extend their season by participating in the World Hockey Championship, which will take place in Finland in May. • Read also: Canadian: ‘Carey will let us know when he feels it’s time’ • … Read more

France | Is the first turn “folded”?

(Paris) It’s not a suspense, although… While the French are voting this Sunday in the first round of the presidential election, most commentators agree that the “match is over”, in short that the result is just a formality. Posted at 6:00 a.m. Jean-Christophe Laurence The Press With 26% of the voting intentions*, Emmanuel Macron should … Read more